Holiday Binge…Watching

Posted by Stephanie on November 22, 2018


For this holiday season, I’m super excited to have My Friend Kate™ joining me in Denver. Which means one thing. We’re gonna eat some food and watch some TV…..okay, that might be two things. Both Kate and I are creatures of habit, lovers of tradition. So, we spend a holiday together, we get snacks, we make a holiday meal, we marathon some tv. Before the whole Kdrama thing happened, we could frequently be seen watching classic holiday cartoon marathons (ie Yogi Bear Christmas, Smurf Christmas ect), sci-fi channel disaster miniseries marathons (think Poseidon Adventure with Steve Guttenberg) or Hallmark movies by the butt-ton. Now though, since that first Christmas where Kate gifted me with sitting down and watching a Kdrama, Kdrama is the thing.

Now though, to decide which one…..

We originally easily decided on the Thai version of Kiss Me as Kate was fairly horrified to realize I hadn’t seen it yet, unfortunately, Thai shows? Hard to get on that TV screen, since neither Netflix or Viki had it and I don’t have that cord to hook up my computer to the tv, we had to move on. In order to narrow things down, we decided to stick to what could be found on Netflix. Last night I went through and harvested anything from their collection which sounded…”Hey, this sounds okay?”

But now we’re down to the big moment and have to make a decision. What the heck are we going to watch? Here are the options we’re looking at:

Someone Like You

I always meant to go back to this one, and Kate says while it has a slow start, once it gets going, it’s really good.


File this one under another show that Kate was horrified I hadn’t finished…


I like supernatural and both of these actors, so this might be a good way to go.

Castle of Stars

Four couples? Four times the romance? The ebbs and flows have me a little concerned though.


Lee Kwang Soo? Yes, please!

Murphy’s Law of Love

This seems cute and Kate agrees. Holiday cute is always nice.


This I know is a drama short and I


know we can bang it out and move onto another one. Sometimes mass consumption on a holiday is best.

Under the Black Moonlight

Same. Drama short. We can eat this up. I’m especially intrigued by the Nam Tae Hyun.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon

I can’t remember if this one was supposed to be good or not. Hmmm….

This is our Thanksgiving dilemma, I know I need to decide soon because time keeps a-tickin’. What do you think? What are you watching this holiday?



  • Reply kfangurl November 22, 2018 at 8:43 pm

    Happy thanksgiving, Steph! 😀 I’ve only seen 2 shows on your list, Bromance & SWDBS. They’re a bit similar, in that both shows ride a lot the OTP chemistry – and both OTPs have boatloads of it – while the rest of the story gets kind of meandering & sometimes laughably bad. Not a bad thing to watch with a gal pal, I’d say. You can squee together at the heart thumping moments, and then laugh and make fun of the bad writing together as well 😉

  • Reply ajummanoise November 24, 2018 at 12:38 am

    I’ll have to support the only one I’ve seen – Strong Woman Bong Soon was pretty cute, once it got going…

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