Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Thankful Idols

Posted by SaraG on November 22, 2018


It’s Thanksgiving in the US and though we celebrate like we think all of the world is celebrating with us, it’s just not true. But, in the spirit of the holiday, I want to talk a little about being thankful. This concept isn’t lost on our favorite boy groups and girls groups. They all know that without their fandoms, they wouldn’t be where they are in the industry and they likely wouldn’t be afforded the opportunity to be doing what they love so passionately. One of the ways they like to express their gratitude is by writing and performing fan songs. Those lovely little numbers completely inspired by and performed for those folks that have loved them selflessly as they work toward being every better at their craft.

I can only imagine the amount of pressure idols feel to not only put out good, solid music and performances but to also, somehow, let their fandoms know just how much they appreciate them. The concerts, albums, photo books, fan signs, dramas, cfs, web content, constant social media presence, and public appearances are all amazing, but the fan songs, those delightfully sentimental numbers all about love and devotion and gratitude are almost too much for my little soul to bare. I don’t actually always like the songs themselves, but I work with them until they fit nicely into my soul because of what they represent. I could never not accept something proudly that someone worked so hard on to show love. It would be like not wearing the macaroni necklace your kid made for you. That’s just cruel.

Mamamoo has been having a rough go lately. With a long year of heavy promotions and a number of releases, they had yet another comeback on November 19 with a huge concert planned for early December. Their fandom lost their shit. They planned a large-scale boycott of the new album and the promotional events as a way to let RBW, their company, know just how much they love and support this group and care about them. The fans were more concerned about their health, healing injuries, and mental state than they were concerned with getting an album, seeing them live, or getting that change to meet them. The fans were pissed as a mama bear with a threatened cub. The company initially refused to reschedule the concert as demanded by the fandom to allow the ladies some time to rest, but after this huge swell of support and a fan vote, they have compiled.

This is exactly why groups write fan songs.


I love you (Never Letting Go), Mamamoo

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