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Posted by Stephanie on November 27, 2018

Fun Friday/ General

As I mentioned last week, My Friend Kate™ came to visit me from New Hampshire. So what do you do when a friend visits you from across the country? Take them on the tourist trail, of course! After a quick hike through the wilds of Colorado, we went back to the city to show her the city sights. One place we found ourselves at, thanks to the recommendation of one of the few locals I know, LizC, was Rockmount Ranchwear Mfg Co in downtown Denver. Why should you care, you ask? How does this have anything to do with Klife outside some few questionable cowboy themed costumes? Well, it’s the home of the fun new game, Dress Your Bias!

Once we reported to Liz we’d arrived at the shop, she sent us on a mission. Go through the store, and pick out shirts we think Woozi from Seventeen, Joohoney (Jooheon) from Monsta X, RM and Hoseok from BTS would choose if they were in the store. How fun is that? (Answer? Lots of fun!)

Here are the results:

First off, Woozi:

Reasons behind our choice: It’s so huge it will swallow him whole, which from the v-lives and candids we’ve seen, that appears to be his dress of choice. It’s velour. It just feels right to have our anger muffin in something so soft and cuddly.


Reasons behind our choice: We thought he’d go with a nice Johnny Cash sort of look. Black, tailored. Plus the shoulder swirls are the closest things to straps and as we all know, Monsta X are the kings of the strappy bondage costumes. (Ohhhh yeah….wait. Stephanie. Head back in the game!)

Namjoon (RM)

Reasons behind or choice: Stay with me here, bold, slightly awkward, but isn’t that just say Namjoon? Plus, I’m not sure why, but I think he’d look sexy af in this.

Hoseok (JHope)

Reasons for choice: I’m fairly certain I don’t need to explain our choice here. Bright colors, crazy pattern, SEQUINS? Oh yeah. It literally screams HOSEOK OVER HERE! OVER HERE! CHOOSE ME! And so we did.

Though as perfect as that choice is, we did have an alternate Hoseok choice…

It’s chenille. It’s huge. It’s Bright. Doesn’t this scream Hoseok airport fashion?

Anyway, feel free to try this out on your next shopping trip! Idol Shopping! Such Fun!



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