Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Bet You Thought…

Posted by SaraG on November 29, 2018


Bet you thought I’d write about Beast today since I’m sneaky and I promised that last week would be my last post about Highlight this year. Well, You’re wrong. I’m being a good girl and going in a totally different direction. I am a woman with varied tastes and frankly, I think it’s probably healthier for me to look in a different direction for at least the thirty minutes it takes for me to write this post.

That being said, I’ll admit that though I love today’s song, and the whole album really, I chose this almost purely based on the name of the group. I am feeling uninspired at the moment and thought you might all really like a group called Deli Spice if for the name if not the music. Deli Spice is a Korean rock band that came out of the scene in Hongdae in the 90’s. Now, it’s no secret, but I came of age in the 90’s both in life and in music. That’s my jam. When I think of Korean Music of that time, I almost immediately think of the roots of Kpop and how it so incredibly diverges from everything I loved about music back in the day. But the Hongdae scene, that’s different. That’s all punk and indie and interesting textures and sounds. It blends so beautifully with what I was listening too as an unjustifiably or justifiably angry youth.

Deli Spice debuted with a self-titled album in 1997. The lead single from the album was a song called Mask, but after it was featured in a move in 2002, the song Cha-Woo Cha-Woo No Matter How Hard I Try to Block, I Can Listen To Your Voice or later shortened to simply Chau Chau, became the biggest hit off the album. I wish I could say that I knew a ton about the group and the rest of their catalog, but, sadly, this is the only album I’m familiar with because I keep getting distracted by shiny and new things. I promise though, I’ll take a deeper dive and learn more. I’m thinking this could be a new, old obsession.

FYI, this video isn’t from ’97 – that shit is hard to find – but it’s the song and the group and you’ll get the idea.

Chau Chau, Deli Spice


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