Khottie of the Week: MJ

Posted by Alix on December 2, 2018

Khottie of the Week

One of the best things about having awesome #klife friends is that they don’t hesitate to introduce you to shows you might never have watched or groups that you might have passed over. KpopontheDL and I have very similar tastes in some ways and very different in others. We both adore iKON and it’s likely thanks to her that I have a strong interest in NCT Dream. I can’t remember exactly how it started but this summer ASTRO popped up on my radar (it’s likely she’s been pushing for years and I only just now noticed) and I have to admit I’ve become intrigued. It’s her birthday this week and I was thrilled to discover that her ASTRO bias is khottie eligible…not that anything so trivial as Kchat Jjigae rules would have stopped me in celebrating KpopontheDL’s birthday. 

Meet Kim Myung Jun, stage name MJ. 

He’s the oldest, turned 24 in March of this year. 

KpopontheDL has been teaching SaraG and I the members…here’s hoping I do her proud!

He’s the main vocalist. 

He’s on the shorter side and their maknae Sanha is on the taller side. 

His nickname is the The Happy Virus. 

He’s been deemed a bit weird by the other members. 

All I see is cute…

And sexy…

He’s very proud of what he calls his soft ‘baby belly’. 

Being in the same group as Cha Eunwoo it can be hard to be seen but he’s beautiful.

If you are not familiar with ASTRO go give them a chance.

You can follow ASTRO on Instagram @officialastro. 

Happy Birthday, KpopontheDL!!!! I look forward to new groups and new adventures with you next year!


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