Thanksgiving Watching: The Results Show

Posted by Stephanie on December 2, 2018


Last week My Friend Kate™ and I decided to spend the holiday the good old fashioned way, stuffing our faces and watching TV. We put up some choices to watch. Here’s what we ended up with!

Since we couldn’t do Kiss Me which was our first choice, we decided, while walking with LizC, that we didn’t want anything heavy, so we decided, pretty unanimously, to go with Strong Girl. Easy enough, right? But once we got back to the house, I took stock of what there was to do and how we were going to have someone joining us at some point, and we decided to change course. Or. I said, “Hear me out, I think…” and My Friend Katie™ was kind enough to humor me. What we decided to do was to focus on drama shorts. Why drama shorts? The inferior drama? Well, there were several reasons and all of them sound.

  1. We could get more titles under our belts. When dramas usually ring in at 2 episodes, an hour a piece? Well, if we sit there and watch, theoretically we’ll plow through more dramas than we would if we focused on a single 16 episode drama.
  2. With all the cooking and the visiting, it made sense to do something smaller, less involved, so we could pop upstairs at any time and continue with food prep, and then when people stopped by, we would be more easily able to pause the drama and be good hosts, or, take breaks between episodes to go upstairs and check to see if that thermometer had popped.
  3. SaraG was very excited by the idea of us watching Nam Tae Hyun in his short.

So drama shorts it was!

First off we started with Nam Tae Hyun’s drama, Under the Black Moonlight, where a strange kid who’s dad may or may not be a serial killer joins a weird art class, announces to the table that one of the girls should break up with her super-rich boyfriend because eventually, she would die. This thing was laughable and disturbingly terrible. Nam Tae Hyun, I hate to tell you, but you probably could have guessed, is a TERRIBLE actor. Whenever he tried to show emotion, or especially if he tried to cry? Well, we’d be laughing. Add that to the insane conclusion? Oh, it was just as bad as any of the bad mini-series we used to consume when we were roommates. Which meant this really hit the spot.

Next Alix did indeed stop by for dinner. As it’s kind of our thing, we decided to watch something and landed on Sehun’s from EXO’s web drama, Dokgo Rewind. Now I’m going to do an entire review on this drama, but let me tell you something… GO OUT AND WATCH THIS…especially if you like shows like Heartless City. It’s like part mob movie — part film noir — all great fun. This show was four episodes and I’m not kidding when I said I spent entire last episode with my mouth hanging open. Go watch it so we can talk about it!

After burning through Rewind, Kate and I went back to something we started before, called Rebel Detectives. It’s a classic sort of short and is terrible. Not terrible in an interesting terrible way, or terribly suspenseful way, nope, this was a show that was just full of cheese….which anyone can agree, there is a time and place for. Turns out the time and place was right after a super intense drama while one was digesting mounds of turkey. It’s essentially about two high school kids who (somehow) get hooked up with the police where they moonlight as forensic detectives who, of course, have some sort of mysterious past. They are matched up with an equally ridiculous policewoman who, you spend most of the show going “Umm how did she become a detective?”

Next, I came across a show I’d been reminded of while researching for this day of drama, Love020! (Can you believe how much I watched???) Yes, I’ve seen it, but somehow I just had a hankering to rewatch as I’d liked the book so much and he is so pretty. Over the course of the weekend, as I was sick as a dog, unable to do anything but lay there and watch TV, I managed to watch the entire 20 episode drama!

Can you believe it? How much I got through? Or should I say we got through as Kate, in fact, was a good sport and watched all the madness with me? Did you get any watching in this holiday? Do you have plans to do so this upcoming holiday?

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  • Reply humbledaisy1 December 2, 2018 at 10:08 pm

    A little Yang Yang goes a long way to making you feel better. I’m working through a Watch Challenge for 2018 so I’m down to watching “dramas with lawyers” or “drama/movie revolving a single parent” – kind of not enthralling but I’m a completionist.

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