Musical Monday – Like…LA LA LA LA La

Posted by SaraG on December 3, 2018


New EXID! And it’s all of them!! And it’s FABULOUS!!! It’s like an early Christmas. Well, it’s like an extended holiday season because Kpop just keeps giving and giving and giving and I keep taking and taking and taking. I’m a bit greedy.

One of the reasons I was so excited about the EXID comeback, outside of the fact that I do really love them, is that they were one of the first groups my oldest kiddo really grabbed onto them as one to follow. Music is, obviously, really important to me, so having this to share with her is very special for me. She LOVES them and she got to see them this summer at Kcon NY, but her fav member, her bias, wasn’t there. Solji, the leader and oldest member had to take a year off from promotions to deal with some medical issues. She was diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and required surgery and extensive treatment. Thyroids are extremely important…make sure you monitor yours.

One of the reasons that my daughter is so in love with Solgi is that she also has a thyroid condition. It doesn’t seem like much because we caught it at birth, just take a pill every morning and she’s fine. But to her, especially as a middle schooler, it separates her from her friends as being different, a little abnormal. Even remembering to take her pill every morning, thirty minutes before she eats, is a pain in the ass that has come up as frustration and source of distress. Having an idol, someone so talented and loved, going through something similar is comfort we all can identify with.

Of course, in our suburbia, she is one of few people that loves Kpop, so that also sets her apart. But in a cool way.

Having Solgi come back, seeing some of the interviews with the other members expressing how happy they are to have her there, hearing about how they all continued to support her financially and emotionally while she was recovering has made this particular single feel that much more special. The fact that it is seriously an amazing song is just an incredible bonus.

I Love You, EXID

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