Musical Monday – Sweet Relief

Posted by SaraG on December 10, 2018


I always think that December is going to be an easy month at work, there are no fires, we’ve settled into a normal flu season, we don’t have big old blizzards yet, and on the homefront, the kids are in school. But then, once it gets here, I remember just how much time it takes to get all of the end of year work stuff completed while also planning for holiday after holiday. It gets a bit stressful and I really, truly live for Friday nights with my friends. Those few hours every week are a source of strength and a time of recovery. It’s a pretty pure (I mean, not like that kind of pure) happiness.

Having just had another fruitful Friday celebrating LizC’s work success, torturing Stephanie with just a bit too much Highlight and a late night pizza delivery, I’m feeling good. Knowing that I have another one coming up in just a few days warms the cockles of my heart. So I wanted to share a song that plucks at my heartstrings with a similar feeling as Friday night.

Ovan is young upstart of a singer/rapper on the Korean HipHop Scene. He started making music in high school and debuted just last year with two songs highlighting the diversity in texture we can expect from him during his presumed to be long and successful career. We haven’t gotten a full album yet, but he’s put out a handful of singles and EPs that have continued to impress me. He’s definitely someone I’m considering adding to me ‘To Stalk’ list. This last week, I stumbled on (meaning I follow a YouTube channel that puts out his stuff) his newest MV called Happiness. And it is. Happiness that is. It’s a sing/rap song over pretty simple piano and synthetic strings. It’s gorgeous and warm and, well, happy. I watched it twice in a row before embarking on my AM workout and sent it to several folks I thought could benefit from it in the pre-dawn hours. Since then, I’ve watched several times, continued to check iTunes for it, and forced the ladies to watch it before breaking up the party on Friday.

If you’re needing a slice of happy, not like enthusiastic joy, but just that feeling of contentment that warms your skin from the inside, take a listen.

Happiness, Ovan

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    So many awwwwws for this post <3

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