Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Just Do it

Posted by SaraG on December 13, 2018


As you’ve likely seen or heard either via the blog or the podcast, Stephanie and subsequently others in the Herd have finally fallen for the charms of the AOMG fellas over the last several months. Thank all that is good and pure. It’s been lonely relying on KpopontheDL for a good squeal about Gray or Loco or Woo. I mean, I know a few other folks that are on the AOMG train, but it’s not quite the same when it’s not your regular MV watching crew. But now, NOW I have an ally and the others are definitely starting to show some interest. Alix even mentioned a budding interest in the glory that is Gray’s face the other day in the parking lot of a grocery store.

That, my friends, is a big deal.

In honor of that momentous occasion and as a way to share yet another song with Stephanie, Imma drop this little diddy on the site.

In 2015, just a couple of years after I’d finally become fully emersed in the world of Korean music, Gray, a singer and producer that debuted in 2012, dropped this collab featuring his best friend Loco. This somewhat unlikely pair (or not really unlikely, they just make me laugh) make beautiful music together and not nearly often enough. It took them three years before they released another duet, Late Night, and though it was worth the wait, I’d rather not wait that long again.

The track I’m sharing with you today is a single sans official MV, hence the live performance, but it’s available for streaming on all of the usual platforms. Any opportunity to hear or see these two together is a good opportunity. Trust me, falling down a YouTube hole of them performing or on variety or just interacting in any way is one of the most heartwarming experiences you’ll ever have from simply observing others. I mean, the affection between them is tangible.

Just Do It, Gray (ft. Loco)

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