KChat Advent Calendar: Day Nineteen

Posted by Stephanie on December 19, 2018


White elephant? Yankee swap? Secret Santa? Different strokes for different…office parties. Ours went with white elephant. I reached into my bag of k-tricks and put together a lovely assortment of K-beauty products. We’re talking Face Shop, we’re talking Nature’s Republic, we’re talking Tony Moly. We’re also talking about a crowd who just did not understand the magnitude of awesome that was this collection of stuff I was giving up. “What’s this?” “Uhhhhh spa day?” Le sigh. It’s enough to make you want to steal your own gift back. And as it is a white elephant, that move is TOTALLY legal. How have your swaps been treating you?

So this holiday has been all about searching for those perfect lights. One night, Liz and I stumbled on a house that just went crazy, they had their own radio station and their lights blinked in time.

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Christmas spirit!

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And then LizC made it even better….

Because though people might not know it, everything is a little bit better with a little bit of K in your Christmas.

Happy Holidays, My Friend.


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