Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Be Honest, We All Have It In Us

Posted by SaraG on December 20, 2018


There is a lot of social media out there. Too much for any one fan to monitor with any sort of regularity so members of the herd have kind of fallen naturally into tracking specific platforms and reporting back on anything particularly interesting they stumble upon. KpopontheDL is our resident Reddit queen and recently sent a rather informative and titillating thread on Kpop Hoe Anthems. Now part of me wants to be offended by the term ‘hoe’ used in this context because who are we to assign a label to a woman owning her sexuality and enjoying it? But, then I decided that we could take back the word and use it with love and pride.

I’m not exactly virginal over here anyway.

The suggestions for the list are a delight. It’s a stroll down the edgier side of girls groups and female solo artists that have caught some flack for their choreo or lyrics, but haven’t exactly been relegated to the back burner because of them. The usual suspects make an appearance, Hyuna, AoA, and T-ARA to name a very few and there are some maybe somewhat lesser-known names on the international stage that are definitely worth a mention like Miso and NS Yoon-Gi. Something I’m also stoked about is the inclusion of a number of male artists and boy groups like Jooyoung, Dean, and EXO. They get downright hoe if anyone does.

I’m highlighting WiggleWiggle by HELLOVENUS for several reasons – the name, the choreo, the lyrics, and the costumes. Yeah, it’s all pretty perfect. It makes me feel delightfully naughty and pleased. It’s got a great beat for a workout (ahem, Stephanie) and frankly, who doesn’t love gorgeous women wiggling their tooshes in a room full of falling confetti.


WiggleWiggle, HELLOVENUS

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