KChat Advent Calendar: Day Twenty Two.

Posted by Stephanie on December 23, 2018


The final preparations for the holidays are whirling past. Is it everything you expected it to be? Good or Bad? No matter how much you plan and prepare, nothing really seems to end up exactly as you plan.  We go through the holiday saying next year, next year we’ll do something different. Next year is the year we’ll finally listen to past us…but do we ever actually do that? For me, this plan of being holiday AF seems to be working. I’ve put the holly jolly into my holly jolly. I hope you are having the same sort of results whether it’s as simple as buying those pies instead of making them or you’ve decided to make the big jump to buck tradition and just stay the fudge home.

Let’s open up this window and see what other surprises our day holds for us…

One of the things I do for the holiday season is to head to Alix’s while she’s away so I can pretend to own a dog for a week. While I’m cool not owning one of my own, sometimes it’s nice to borrow one and live like you do. In that spirit….



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Happy Holidays, My Friend!

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