Musical Monday – Gift to the Fans

Posted by SaraG on December 24, 2018


There are a million different ways that our idols spoil us with gifts all year long. I certainly don’t need to remind you about the little photocards you have tucked away in a drawer, the variety clip you go back to each and every time you feel a little down, or the videos, be they the official MV or the dance practice or eye contact or selfie version. They work their butts off giving us wonderful entertainment and we throw our cash and love particles at them. It’s a symbiotic relationship and it’s beautiful.

But as we get closer and closer to Christmas, I feel like they are working harder than ever. Everyone is doing covers – EVERYONE. And it’s amazing. Seriously, did you see Khan cover The Middle? You didn’t? Do yourself a favor…

The Middle, Khan

How about Ungjae of IMFACT covering GD? Did you see it? Did you die? I died. I’m a ghost writing this. Ungjae is the only thing tethering me to the planet right now.

Don’t Go Home, Ungjae

These are all Christmas gifts. These are things our favorites are pulling together to make us happy one more time before 2019 starts. It’s a treat, them choosing some of their favorite songs and showing us what they can do with it. It’s so precious and special. The only thing that hurts is that I can’t actually throw more money at them and own the covers. That would be one last gift I could give to them this year…before I work on paying down debt in 2019.

One more, a really REALLY good one. For Christmas.

Phonecert, Trei


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