Who Wouldn’t Marry Their Cat?

Posted by Stephanie on December 26, 2018

Casting News

Now that we’re post the holiday advent project, it’s back to our regularly scheduled programming — or, you know, talking about dramas and stuff! Checking out the news I saw something about BTOB’s Yook Sungjae joining a drama. Now, I don’t know much about BTOB, it was just this year that I started to pay attention to it after getting hooked on member Ilhoon’s solo song, they then showed up as a performer at KTMF, I realized they were a hoot and then…nothing. While I love me some Illllllhooooonie, I can’t say the group is enough to make me want to go out and listen to everything that they do.

However, I am interested enough to slow down when I see that one of them stepping outside of the music world. (Okay, maybe I slow down mainly to see if they mention Ilhoon…)

Of course, there are lots of things that catch my eye and not many of them are actually worth writing about, but this new show? For some reason, it seems to have caught my Fancy Feast. (Heh.) The drama set to hit tvN in 2019 is about a cat who becomes a human and the human who comes to love it (hopefully more now that it’s out of it’s cat form). I read that and went —umm okay— but my interest wasn’t truly picked up until I realized that the cat in question? Will actually be the hero and not the heroine! I’m not certain why I just assumed it would be the other way around, but I did and I’m actually quite pleased to be wrong. For some reason the switch on the expected really made me want to learn more about this show.

Man Who Bakes Bread is based on a Naver webtoon. Maybe it was the title that made me assume the owner was a man? Men who bake bread and the cats who love them? The title also made me step back for a second with the thought, is this going to be food porn? I don’t need any help fantasizing over warm carbs, thank you very much.

Despite all this, what really caught my eye, what really makes me look at this weirdo premise and go…maybe? Is the fact that the writer of this drama also wrote Marriage Not Dating, which, though a while ago, was a very solid drama, and the director just came off of 100 Days My Prince. Woah. How did that happen? That’s quite some pedigree for a drama which is based off a Naver webtoon and stars Yook Sungjae who, while he’s pretty solidly gotten in an acting project each year for the past few years, hasn’t struck me as leading man material.

I guess before we make too much of a judgment we’ll have to wait for more information to come out. You know like plot, tone, costars. If this is going for cute and wacky, then maybe it can be pulled off? While Marriage Not Dating did have those parts to it, there was still a lot of drama and heart there, so I’m thinking this show could go in a few different directions.


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