Throwback (It’s a Lie) Thursday – Slump Day

Posted by SaraG on December 27, 2018


We aren’t done with the holiday season yet, we still have New Year’s just around the corner. However, the week between these biggies is a bit rough for those of us that didn’t take vacation this year. I am a good boss and decided to not take time off so my staff could all relax and unwind a bit…we work in a field that requires coverage at all times. That means that as you read this, if it is a reasonable time of day, I’m sitting in my office desperately pretending to be productive while watching the clock tick closer to the next four day weekend.

There are a few other folks, very few, still roaming around the halls of our office building including one in particular that I’ve recently gotten interested in Kpop. One early morning she came into my office and spotted the Highlight poster on the back of my door. I showed her a video. Her life is now permanently different. Improved. Ruined.


One of the groups that I shared with her right from the start was Seventeen. I feel like they are super easy to love, super easy to fall for, but also a complicated and huge group that gets people used to the idea of crowds of talented idols all on the stage at the same time. Train ‘em early, as they say.

Sharing Seventeen with her also meant that I started putting them on heavy rotation again. I had kind of left them unplayed as I obsessed over IMFACT and Highlight over the last several months and this reminder of how much I love them is hugely appreciated. So rather than throwback today, I’m choosing to ease us through this middle holiday slump with their newest release as well as a little special treat because holidays need sexy Hoshi.

Touch, Hoshi

The new song was debuted as a MAMA stage and followed up with the MV a few days later. The clip I saw of the stage showed lots of promise, but between the crappy camera work, the slightly off focus view, and the screaming fans I decided to withhold judgment on the song. My patience was rewarded. It’s fab. Like really wonderful. Hoshi’s eyeliner, Boo’s hair, Minygu and Wonwoo in general, Woozi’s jacket, everybody’s everything.

Getting Closer, Seventeen

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  • Reply Stephanie January 1, 2019 at 7:51 pm

    This new song and performance is great! I was bummed to find out it wasn’t a full release. They look AMAZING

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