Revisiting The Resolutions

Posted by Stephanie on January 1, 2019


We’ve passed another year. All in all, 2018 was pretty amazing I finally went to KTMF where I got to see Red Velvet, EXID, BTOB and Rain. I became a giant fan of Monsta X and Yolo’ed my way into a ticket to see them in LA. Not only did I got to KCon NY, I was able to share the experience with Jr Kpop fan, JR McFeeley. Despite fears I wouldn’t be able to get a ticket, we managed to score a BTS coup and were able to squeee our way through the Love Yourself tour. And this is just Kpop achievements!

Looking back at the year makes one think of the plans or resolutions for the year. To which I then hang my head. I remember making them. I remember saying we were going to look back every month and check in, keep myself on track. This lasted, predictably, probably about 2 months. I hadn’t even thought about these resolutions until yesterday! Though I’m a little afraid of what it might say, I thought it would be fun to look back and see what I resolved to do, how I came out in the end, and where we want to go from here.

Now comes the hard part….facing that list.

  1. I’m hoping to watch more dramas this year. With my last year in NY, I fell out of the habit of watching dramas, and it’s something that I struggle with. Dramas be it Korean, Thai, Chinese, gay or straight, make me happy. It’s something I need to make more time for. Because happy is happy even if it is sitting on my butt in front of the tv. – Hmmm…. this one might be a draw. I want to say I watched more, but that might just be because this last month I’ve really been packing them in. Turns out, making my butt sit on a couch for a proper marathon is harder than I remember. At least I didn’t go down in watches? Does that make this a win? 
  2. Finish Infectious, the BTS zombie fanfic I’m writing with SaraG. Because writing fanfic makes me happy. And happy is happy even if it is writing gay fanfiction. – WE DID THIS! Over 300k of words of zombie gay fanficy loveliness passed through SaraG and my fingers, and we’re finally done. Even with 300 THOUSAND words complete, I just can’t describe how I feel knowing this is all done. And now my fingers itch to go in and re-edit….because a writers work is never done. 
  3. Change website hosts. This is something Cherry and I have been meaning to do for a while as the host we have, DreamHost has been pretty terrible, KChat crashing all of the time, with their customer service during the process being, in my opinion, pretty terrible. Again and again, I’d chat with them when the site was down and they’d blame it on the site, and expressly said it wasn’t because of our traffic. Then we start getting automated emails about how we were indeed bumping the ceiling of usage, being slowed down or shut down when our traffic got too heavy. We got these emails when they were trying to get us to upgrade, not when we were having issues. Whatever if we need to upgrade, that’s fine, just be honest about it when I have an issue. We haven’t been turned off in a while, but at this point we don’t care, the whole thing has left a bad taste in our mouths. So. We’re going to finally change. /rant – This happened! Unfortunately, not until our website was hacked and wrenched away from us. Ouch, this was a HARD year for KChat. Not going to lie, there was a point in there where I actually thought about giving in, pulling the plug, and shutting it down. However, I’m not entirely certain I know how to make friends outside of this, so I guess we’ll continue to push on. We have not only an amazing new host (Shout out Siteground) and I’ve also paid for a security company to look over us and make sure we stay a safe and fun place to be. Ouch, this has also been an EXPENSIVE year for Kchat, but worth every single penny for the peace of mind I’m given. 
  4. Start introducing reviews back to the site. I used to write reviews every week. It was kind of what we were known for, but that has fallen by the wayside. I want to get back to it. Maybe I won’t be able to do that many, but a few is better than none, right? – Yeah, I botched this one. I may have had one review this year. That is, frankly, unacceptable. I’m going to have to reflect on this one. 
  5. Try to trick a few more people into contributing to the Kchat. I’m lucky enough to have a great group of ladies here who not only want to spend their hard-earned spare time writing for Kchat, but also fit in with our tone and voice — I’d love to branch out a little more be it reviews or beauty or…well, who knows. – Another fail. However, I’m hugely thankful to Cherry, to SaraG, to Alix for their help here each and every week. It means a lot. 
  6. Buy that new computer! You’ve noticed the site hasn’t changed in a while, some might say we look a little stale. There’s a reason for that… I’ve had not one but two computers die on me the last few months. Right now, I’m doing everything on my work laptop or my tablet. Which is limiting. Luckily, I now have the money to purchase a new one and even have a Cherry approved option. It’s just a matter of making that purchase now. Looking so forward to it, even if I’ve procrastinated it so far. – Win! I’m typing on that new computer right now! What up baby gaming computer that makes even my company’s IT guy go, “Nice computer.” 
  7. Save for Korea! SaraG, Alix, KpopontheDL and I are planning a big South Korea trip for spring 2019 for our *ahem* fortieth *ahem* birthdays…which means mama has to start saving now! – Another win! I took the money left over from my computer fund and started that Korea fund. (Funds are the only way I get anything accomplished.) Plugging away all year, I managed to save what I hope I need. now I’m taking a little bit from my paycheck and purchasing some Won. This is a once in a lifetime trip! Though it pinches my weekly budget, I want to make sure I have everything I need while I’m there. (Plus, anything left over goes right into the car fund.) Yay #SouthKorea2019
  8. Go to KCon NY! Last year I had to miss NY as it was mid-Denver move. This year I want to not only go to KCon NY but I want to be able to bring along with me Junior McFeeley. This eleven-year-old now diehard Kpop fan would…well, I pretty sure she’d die if I were able to take her not only to a Kpop concert but to 2 concerts that have so many Kpop groups? Yep, she’d die. But she’d die a happy little girl. – As I mentioned above, I did this! We went to KConNY and had an amazing time. Bonus? Due to the ticket debacle and a little Yolo, I managed to get tickets for Jr McFeeley’s parents for the Saturday night show. Though I’m not certain they wouldn’t have just preferred to stay in the hotel watching Brooklyn 99, they came out of it huge Stray Kids fans. WIN!
  9. Learn all of the members of Seventeen and Pentagon. You know, because I love them. I love them and therefore should know more about them, because there is more to life than BTS…. and I need to remind myself of that. – Done and done! On top of that? I learned all of the members of the latest addition to Stephanie’s Top 5 Kpop Band list, Monsta X! 
  10. To be more open about new music in general. It’s kind of a not so inside joke about how set in my ways and particular I am…people essentially having to trick me into liking new things, and I’m going to try and change that. I’m not saying I’m going to promise to love everything, but I’ll try to open for listening. – I think this one is more of a judgment call. While I’m still not great at going out and finding my own new music to listen to, as I’m currently in a coffee shop listening to my BewhY google play radio station, I voraciously consume Monsta X, Zico, have a new out and out love for Mino, spent last weekend listening to an entire day of Ovan, I like to think my musical tastes have reopened for business. 

Shock to me? I actually did really well on my resolutions last year! Huh. That’s a first! I knew 2018 was a pretty good one and now we have the proof to back up my random data. Sure, there were downsides, hardships, struggles, but looking back today, I really only see the good. Which I guess is the best thing we can ask for! Thanks so much, guys for sticking with me through this! Here’s hoping 2019 will be even more positive!

In that vein, let’s take a look at what I’m going to aim for here on Kchat…

  1. I think I’m going to stick with watching more dramas. I’m on a pretty good streak right now and I’d like to keep that up. I’m going to relax myself and say variety counts, because, content is content and sometimes Korean variety just hits the spot.
  2. My one big failure of last year, getting more reviews, I’m going to add that in here too. Of all my failures, it’s the one that irritates me the most and I’m going to fix that. (I’m feeling pretty bold in my statements here but that may be because I know I already have two reviews written…
  3. Site redesign. After hiring that security company last year, Cherry and I have instituted every single suggestion/directive from them in order to make the site as safe as possible. The last thing? Getting rid of our theme (the template for how the site looks). It’s the last pain in the ass move we have to do, but it needs to be done. Since we’re in there having to change everything up, we’ve decided to do a whole overhaul, refreshing the site and changing things up. In for a penny, right? We’ve had a few meetings, made a few plans, but followthrough is so much harder than procrastination.
  4. Get back to work on my vet clinic fanfic! Infectious was too long ago for me to not be writing anything else!
  5. Followthrough. As mentioned, I’m not great at followthrough. I throw myself into projects, ideas, make announcements, and it slowly peters out — which has to be hard for you — and not great for me. BTS Chats with Cherry? Drama swaps with SaraG? Remember those? No? Well, I do, and I’m going to get better at this!
  6. Merch redesign! I enjoyed designing our previous merch line, I always meant to go back and yet… but I have ideas guys and I can’t wait to get started!
  7. #SouthKorea2019 is upon us. I want to post at least three times while I’m there. I won’t be bringing my computer as it’s huge and unwieldy, but I have a tablet and that tablet has a portable keyboard. This I can do!
  8. Go to NY for a Kpop concert. Time and money are going to be tight this year with #5, but last year with the exception of KCON every concert I went to was in LA. This year, I’m going to go to at least one on the east coast as I really do miss my NY friends too.

Hmm… I think that’s a pretty good list. A doable list, don’t you? Push yourself but keep it realistic. Anyway, Happy New Years Guys! Thanks for another year of reading, of writing, of playing along. I love you all so much! Let’s have another great one, shall we?


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    Happy New Year! Congrats on all you have accomplished! Here is to the the Nee year!!

    • Reply Stephanie January 1, 2019 at 4:14 pm

      Thanks, SpiceAngel! I hope you and Mr. SpiceAngel had an equally awesome year 🙂

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