Whats Happening With ….Baro?

Posted by Stephanie on January 2, 2019


It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these What’s Happening With…posts, but I had to bring it back as lately, I had a burning need to find out what has happened to Baro from B1A4. I hadn’t even thought about him at all until, after watching the B1A4 Instagram, watching the three smile faces of CNU, Gongchan, and Sandeul, it slowly dawned on me….Baro was is missing! I knew leader Jinyoung had left the agency once his contract expired, but I hadn’t heard anything about Baro at all! How can an idol just disappear? Did he leave too? Is he focusing on acting? If he is, did has he been in anything since that I missed? Every time I see those smiling faces of the three, I was haunted by questions.

This requires a trip to the Wikipedia mobile!

First off, one of the incriminating images in question:



Sadly, Baro does not appear to have his own Wikipedia page! Other sadness? It looks like it’s confirmed when their contracts came up, and Jinyoung left the agency, so did Baro. How did I miss this? Poor Baro.

Oooh, I found a Wikipedia page!

He did resign with an agency called, HODU&U Entertainment (a quick look shows Jinyoung under LINK8 Entertainment, smashing the small dream I had of them leaving together and yet still ending up at the same agency.) In this new agency, Baro has decided to focus on acting, rather than music. Which, while I liked him in B1A4, I can understand his wishes to change focus. He’s actually getting a reputation for as a solid actor. The agency has the likes of actors Lee Seung Gyun, Kim Hye Soo, and Song Kang Ho.

Turns out? Not only is he focusing on acting, but he also’s actually in a currently airing drama, Less Than Evil, the remake of the BBC drama, Luther. Aww, yay, Baro!

While I’m sad that he’s no longer with B1A4, sorry for the remaining three members, I’m happy he hasn’t just dropped off somewhere and that he seems to be doing well with his new direction.

Go, Baro!

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