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Posted by SaraG on January 7, 2019


On my quest to learn about new artists through collaborations I stumbled on an interesting phenomenon. Because shiny and new is more accessible as an international fan, it’s easier to find well-established artists through work they’ve done with those that are currently trending. Because we’ve missed out on the cultural education that comes with hearing what our parents or older siblings listened to, there is something of a void in our musical educational background. That’s why shows like The Call and Immortal Song are so good, they take the ‘it artists’ of the moment and weave them together with their heroes from days gone by and we get to learn a little more about both.

In the not too distant past, I wrote about a new singer/rapper named Ovan. He’s only recently debuted and has taken the music scene on like a battering ram. When you come out of the gate running like that, when you get the kind of attention he has, you get to do some great collabs very early on in your career. One of my favorite Ovan tracks is a song called Twenty that he does with an artist named Shaun. Being the curious sort and wanting to figure out what element of the song I liked so much, I tracked down more about this fella Shaun.

Twenty, Ovan (ft. Shaun)

Kim Yun Ho, stage name Shaun, made his debut in 2010 as a DJ and the keyboardist and backup vocalist for the Korean indie band The Koxx. In 2018 he got into a bit of a scandal – his fault or not, who knows – for topping the music charts over the likes of BTS and BlackPink with his solo track Way Back Home. There were tons of accusations about his company manipulating the charts with a streaming scam, but both he and the company adamantly deny it. It’s said that the song got so big because fans started posting live versions of him performing in dance clubs and he got a lot of buzz through word of mouth. It’s not like he doesn’t have the talent to top the charts. He’s awesome…and frankly, those groups that he briefly dominated over are all groups that he’s produced for including BTS, EXO, and f(X). Here’s an acoustic version of the song in question.

Way Back Home, Shaun

But the reason I selected him as today’s Musical Monday post is his 2019 single called An-Nyeong. There are three tracks on the release which are all a delight. All three feel like soft indie songs played over dance tracks. There’s a beat that makes you move and lyrics that weave a bit of a spell around you. They paint a story even if you aren’t quite sure what they mean.

Lucky for us, they all came out with an official video.

Traveler, Shaun

Bad Habits, Shaun

Terminal, Shaun


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