Throwback (Musical) Thursday – All The Way Back to 2018

Posted by SaraG on January 10, 2019


Because I have yet to mess up writing 2018 instead of 2019, it feels like 2018 was a long, long time ago. That being said, anything released in 2018 is now fair game as a Throwback. It was a year ago after all. Not only that but this little number that has stuck in my head for what is quickly turning into months was released at Thanksgiving. That was many, many holidays ago at this point. It’s basically a classic by now.

I came into Kpop, as many of us do, in a somewhat circuitous route. I watched a drama, listened to the OST, and tracked down ANY source of music that I could get my hands on. That path led me down a very specific trail that actually skipped over some of the big names in the Kpop world so while I was listening to pre-debut and super early BTS, I knew very little about Shinee or EXO. While I was obsessing over Lim Kim and Spica, I had not a clue about Girls Generation. I have, of course, caught up on what I missed, but it makes my attachment to these groups somewhat interesting to define.

My experience with Key is largely limited to reputation alone. I’ve heard the stories about the YouTube series where he removes his makeup, I’ve seen some clips on variety and watched him sing and dance in Shinee videos, but I don’t know him all that well. If I were to be forced to guess, I’d say that he, musically, wasn’t my bag but I would support him anyway because of his absolutely magical ways.

I would, it turns out, be terribly wrong.

Every second of the song, from the first note to the fluttering guitar to the dance beat in the chorus, to the immaculate blending of Crush’s vocals into the balanced mix is perfection. The styling, setting, choreo, and yellow wash of the MV is absolutely the perfect visual representation of the music. This song is a keeper. This song is sticking around for a long, long time. This song is why I love music.

One of Those Nights, Key (ft. Crush)


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  • Reply Stephanie January 13, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    Mmmm this song was great! I never really considered his solo work until this, turns out, I really like it.

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