Musical Monday – Not just for the Norse Anymore

Posted by SaraG on January 14, 2019


There is something to the idea of fate or a higher power or higher powers deciding our destiny. I both love and hate it. I mean, when I really mess up in life, it would be nice to be able to blame it on the pre-ordained whim of some god out there or some bitchy sub-god taking out her bad day on a random human. But, at the same time, I would like to be able to claim responsibility for my successes. And I do so love a coincidence. Coincidences don’t fit well with fate.

In one of the most fitting Kpop moves I’ve ever seen, the name of the ONEUS debut is that of the host of female figures in Norse mythology that choose who lives and who dies in battle – Valkyrie. They bring the fallen to the halls of Odin to prepare for Ragnarok and often return as the lovers of the heroes that survive.  It really does seem fitting for ONEUS. They went to battle in their trainee days and didn’t win the fight, they weren’t selected. They were sent back to the halls of RBW and continued to train for the war that is the global stage.

This group is one that I have been waiting for with a whole flutter of butterflies in my guts (that’s what it’s called you know, a group of butterflies is a flutter) since the release of their pre-debut single with the still un-debuted group ONEWE, Last Song. I was introduced to several members of both of these groups through a variety of survival programs to include Produce 101 Season 2, MIXNINE, and The Unit. I have already bonded with a few of them so I am inclined to follow them around like a fuzzy little duckling until I determine our musical compatibility.

So far so good.

Valkyrie has several songs with interesting elements that have completely piqued my interest. I listened to the whole release multiple times through and kept looking at the titles of the same three or four songs every time they popped up. That’s a good sign. I was consistently drawn to what they were doing. This pleases me to no end. Not to mention that the styling is sexy, they aren’t tiny babies, and there is some honest to goodness talent mixed in there.

Valkyrie, ONEUS



  • Reply SpiceAngel January 14, 2019 at 7:34 am

    Do you know the details about what happened with Mixnine? I was wondering if you could shed some light.

    I am currently watching YG Treasure and when Mr SA and I started trying to find out more about some of the guys we like, we ran across some Mixnine footage of them. But what happened to Mixnine? Why didn’t they release anything? I am somewhat hesitant to watch it. I can’t even image the emotional roller coaster it would be to compete in a survival show and make it and then nothing happen.

    What happened? Thanks for any insight.

    • Reply SaraG January 14, 2019 at 7:49 pm

      MIXNINE outcome: They identified the top 9 to be a project group, but YG, who was responsible for debuting and housing the group, demanded to have them much longer than the agreed upon year. Because the other agencies would not give up their trainees/idols for that long, he refused to debut the group.
      It’s different from YG Treasure Box because all of the trainees on Treasure Box are with YG’s company while those on MIXNINE were from a ton of different agencies. There were all sorts of contract negotiations required to debut the group…like Wannaone. YG has complete control of the Treasure Box babies so there isn’t a reason for a cancellation of the group. However, that doesn’t mean that there won’t be a delay on debut…think about Winner.

      • Reply SpiceAngel January 14, 2019 at 10:38 pm

        Thank you!!!

  • Reply Stephanie January 14, 2019 at 9:33 pm

    Do you think they bought the lightboxes from an SM yard sale?

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