Strong Woman Bong Soon Headed To the US?

Posted by Stephanie on January 15, 2019


It was an interesting k-morning! When Xe announced to the group that the CW was in talks to do a remake of Strong Woman Bong Soon with Rhonda Rousey, I almost did a spit take. While I wanted to be excited that another Korean title was doing it’s level best to jump over to the American market, and while yes, the main lead is, in fact, a strong woman, I was fairly horrified of the idea of Rhonda Rousey as the lead.

What was my issue?

Hmmm…I’m going to go with, she’s a terrible actress. Did you see her on SNL a couple of years ago? No? That’s because even as the host she was barely in the episode and the sketches she was in — weren’t great. After expressing my displeasure, it was brought up that at least someone outside the body norm was going to be playing the part and, while I get what you’re going with that, I can’t help but disagree. If the show has a terrible lead, one viewers (or reviewers) aren’t going to take seriously, it’s not going to last and then what’s the point? We have another failed Korean remake, another attempt that we look so forward to only to have our hopes dashed.

Luckily, it was then Xe read a little closer and realized the show was actually not going to star the former MMA fighter but was only part of the development team. (I can’t tell if she’s an executive producer or just a partner with the writer.) Whew. Crisis averted. Now that our blood pressures have gone down, we can focus on the news that someone is attempting to recreate a Korean drama in the US.


As Xe pointed out, the CW is a pretty good choice for a drama like this too, not afraid to take itself too seriously, not afraid to go over the top, catering to that younger demographic that I think would eat up a storyline like this.

Attached to the project is the executive producer of the hugely popular Jane the Virgin, which, as it’s a crazy pants remake of a crazy pants Telenovela, knows a little bit about what it takes to take the source material and mix it up to make it consumable by the US market. (Which we all know is not an easy task.) Of course, he’s not the writer, so he doesn’t have anything to do with actual crafting but selling, selling this sort of show he would know about — and that’s most of the battle right there.

The show hasn’t been sold yet, is still in the production phase, so we’ll see what happens, but I want to say, with the popularity of Good Doctor, we’re going to start seeing more of these.

….more of these that are hopefully not King of Masked Singer.

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