Khottie of the Week: Kim In Seong

Posted by Alix on January 27, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Decided to pop back to S. Korea today, on a break from the travels around the rest of hottie eligible Asia. Today’s khottie has been on my ideas list for quite a while and when I heard his group SF9 just announced a comeback in February it seemed like as good a time as any to introduce you all to Kim In Seong!

SF9 is a group I got very interested in two summers ago, saw them at KCON LA (with a hi-touch) followed by traveling to Boston to see them in November of 2017. I own most of their albums and am always very excited by a comeback…the one this past summer was quite something.

Inseong is the oldest member and will be 26 in July. 

He’s a vocalist and speaks English quite well having lived in England for a year. 

He was a former SM trainee. 

He’s done a bit of acting. 

He’s beautiful. 

And is known as the “desert fox/fennec fox” of the group.

He’s not my SF9 bias but there’s just something about him…

That makes you want to know more. 

So go learn more about Inseong and SF9 if you don’t know them already, their official Instagram is @sf9official. 

And get excited for their February comeback!


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