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Posted by Stephanie on January 29, 2019

Casting News

Well, this sounds delightful! Not kidding? While I was lured in by the cast, I actually clapped my hands in glee, just a little, when reading the synopsis of this upcoming drama.

So, who? What?

First off, I have a little confession to make, something that came up, totally as a surprise while Cherry and I were recording the podcast last week. Turns out? I spent the entire drama, Secretary Kim, thinking that the lead actress was the friend from Boys Over Flowers. Not kidding, I was giving her mental kudos. Good job! Way to make it so far! Except…totally not who I thought it was (again, for the ENTIRE DRAMA) and turns out? It was Park Min Young.

I know. I should have my Kdrama blogger status stripped from me.

Anyway, until that happens, let me continue. So, it’s been confirmed that Park Min Young (Not the girl who played the friend in Boys Over Flowers) has signed onto a new drama, Her Private Life. Which is great news because, despite my past forgetfulness, I actually do like her as an actress. She has managed to get her hands on a lot of pretty epic dramas, Healer, Sungkyungkwan Scandal (been a while since I attempted to spell that) that one with Lee Min Ho that I refused to watch because I heard about the ending, Secretary Kim….all the ones I’ve seen her in, I’ve enjoyed.

On top of that great news, we’re also (yes, I include you in on this) excited to hear that Kim Jae Wook has signed on as our hero. #Swoon! While I haven’t seen him in anything lately as he seems to be specializing in b-leads on shows I don’t want to watch, I’ll always have a soft spot for the Waffle Guy from Coffee Prince. I’m quite pleased to hear he’s taking a leading role this time around and with Park Min Young attached, we have to expect this show to be at least pretty solid.

Now for the premise. Park Min Young is a professional who works at an art gallery and on the side is a professional fangirl. Rather than dating, she puts all of her spare time effort towards her fan page. He plays the new director of the art gallery, a former artist who becomes a fanboy of her.

Is it just me or does this sound like it’s going to be so much fun?? (It’s not just me, right?) Great casting, fun story, good network (tvN), this thing is absolutely going onto my must-watch list!

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