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Posted by Stephanie on January 30, 2019

Casting News

Wasn’t I just saying? Didn’t I JUST say on the podcast, now that It’s Dangerous Beyond the Blankets is over that I was looking for a new variety show to pick up? Don’t I talk about how I want to make out with the sound of Lee Ji Hoon’s voice all the time? Don’t we all love to travel? Add that together? A new variety show which has the potential to put me into a full-on swoon.

No lie, I kept the idea of this show in my pocket all day, pulling it out when the day would try and take over, and I’d be reminded… the gods of Kdrama love us and want us to be happy. It’s enough to make your Tuesday a little less Tuesday like.

Now to the details! Ryu Jun Yeol And Lee Je Hoon have filmed a travel variety show for JTBC. Mainly its the two of them, some backpacks and some travel plans. The premise is that they’re trying to learn more about themselves, so it’s going to focus on the two interacting with the environment around them, rather than the star experience. I’m thinking it’s going to be more Barefoot Friends before it started going downhill and less like Bon Voyage? And since it’s about just the two of them and their experiences, I’m guessing it’s going to be short on PD interference, games and challenges.

Sounds beautiful and boring. I’m. So. In.

If you’re not yet sold on it, let’s take a look at the teasers:


Sigh. Doesn’t that seem lovely? Beautiful, slow, and lovely?

Does anyone know if they knew each other in advance? Please, someone, tell me that they were friends in advance! Please, someone, tell me that they are friends who decided to make this trip together and a film crew said…sure we’re in. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll watch either way, but that would make me so happy.

All this and listening to Lee Ji Hoon’s voice for however many episodes this is? Sigh. Downside Traveler is not going to happen until the end of February. Another downside? Is anyone going to sub this? I certainly hope so.

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