Musical Monday – Bonding With the Members

Posted by SaraG on February 18, 2019


As more and more of our fav groups are being impacted by time (read: members going off to the military or aging out of the desire to be an idol) we are seeing a surge in solo releases. It’s interesting, I’ve found that I’m just as excited for the solo releases from members as I am for group comebacks, but in a bit of a different way. I mean, I loooove groups, I love to see them all together, how they interact, how parts of distributed, and how a group takes on a concept despite the members having such individual personalities. But it’s fascinating to see an idol, an artist, take on more of their own unique style which may or may not be completely divorced from the image their group has adopted…or been given.

I have never fully bonded with BtoB. They have a couple of songs I like well enough, and when I saw them at Kcon, I was entertained, but we just aren’t soulmates. It’s ok, they have tons of fans and I have tons of soulmates so we’re fine with just being friends. Acquaintances really. However, when it comes to solo releases, their members are freaking rock stars. I loved Ilhoon’s  EP Big Wave, and his earlier stuff too, and I’ve been just as pleased with Minhyuk’s – Huta’s- HUTAZONE. Like really happy.

So BtoB isn’t my thing, but the members have a tendency to tickle my fancy. Individually. The sum, in this instance, is not greater than the parts. The parts man…some of them appear completely comfortable sans shirt.

With Melody, Huta

On the other end of the spectrum, we have those groups whom I absolutely 100% adore. We’ve bonded in a big way and I’m pretty sure that we are connected at a deeper level than just far-away fan and artist de jour. This category obviously includes Mamamoo. I’ve waxed poetic about them endlessly and you all know how my affection hasn’t wavered over changing concepts and agency controversies. But I don’t just love them as a whole, I love the members. I think Mamamoo was the first group that I took the time to learn as individuals, as people and artists with likes and dislikes and styles and preferences. They were young and tiny then, and I’ve had the pleasure of watching them grow and mature into fabulous and unique women that work separately just as well as they mesh together. Gah, they are so my thing.

Hwasa, the queen of regal power and strutting, put out her first solo single this week and it is gold. The song, Twit, is a dance number that highlights her vocals beautifully and an MV that is basically produced proof that this woman is gorgeous no matter what the concept. She is sexy because she wants to be sexy – it never feels like she’s doing it for anyone else. I don’t love all of the clothes and would never choose them for me or anyone else, BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER, she chose them and they are perfect. Like REALLY perfect.

This song goes on repeat.

Twit, Hwasa

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