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Posted by Stephanie on February 19, 2019

Casting News

Was it just last week we talked about Joo Won bucking the post-army norm by not coming out of the military having already signed onto a show? (Though it is nice to see you Mr. Won jumping back into Instagram, I may have forgotten I even followed you, so quiet during your military service!) Well, just this week it’s been announced Kang Ha Neul (remember him?) is being shopped a new drama.

A drama with Gong Hyo Jin!

I love Gong Hyo Jin! I loved Kang Ha Neul in Misaeng! (I’m sure he was in other things but who else hears his name and immediately thinks Misaeng?) The idea of them being in a drama together actually makes a classic kdrama fangirl sit up and go…maybe…we’ll see what the teasers look like….but probably yes?

We classic fangirls are a choosy bunch.

The drama, a comedy thriller is called When the Camellia Blooms is about a woman who was orphaned is a single mom, and owns a bar and the three men in her life. Is there anyone else who reads that synopsis and instantly thinks of the big bad kdrama mama who is going to take exception to this woman? An orphan? A single mother?? A bar owner??? Oh yeah, this is gonna go very wrong for her. (If any of those three men are from a remotely nice family and even kind of think of looking her way.)

I’m assuming Kang Ha Neul will be in line to play one of the three men, but what I’m not certain of is whether he’ll end up being the lead or not. While men do tend to get a bit of a career pop as they just leave the military, had he made his way up to hero before he left? Looking at his filmography, I don’t think he had—and in a Gong Hyo Jin vehicle? Perhaps not. But weirder things have happened so let’s not count him out yet.

Along with the casting (though I think we’ll also have to see who the other two men end up being before making up our minds entirely) the other thing that has me excited over this project is the fact that the writer is the same person who wrote Fight My Way which was a super-enjoyable drama. It may have run off the rails that last episode or so but, after such a well-written story, and the fact nothing super terrible happened, we generally forgive that. I’m also interested in what they consider a comedy thriller. Master’s Sun is what comes to mind right away, and we all know that Gong Hyo Jin nailed that balancing act.

The downside of all this though, the drama isn’t due to hit until the second half of the year, so we have a long time to wait for news and a very long time to wait to see the result, but what can you say? We’re kdrama fans. We’re kind of used to that, right?

Welcome to almost being back, Kang Ha Neul! We hope to see you in leading rolls soon.

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  • Reply SaraG February 19, 2019 at 10:05 pm

    I love him so much…may he break his B streak soon!!!

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