Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Coming of Age

Posted by SaraG on February 21, 2019


This weekend is Alix and my birthday party. It’s a big year for us so we decided to go out of our way to celebrate with more than just our annual gig – we wanted a theme. Prior to Stephanie moving to Colorado, we had heard tales of parties she’d hosted over the years and the amount of effort and energy she’s dedicated to crafting just the right decorations, finding the absolutely perfect recipes, and investing in appropriate plumage. Since she’s been here, we’ve been lucky enough to participate in and attend a number of those shindigs and it’s always a great time. She told us, early on in our friendship, that she would be happy to put on a party for each of us at some point in our lives…once. They are a huge expense in money and time and kind of a physical representation of our friendship…you can’t agree to do that for every small thing.

So Alix and I, once we agreed to go over the top, decided to cash in our party vouchers and enlist Stephanie to do the planning. It’s got a theme, it’s got a ready-made playlist, and it’s got era-appropriate snacks and drinks. I. Am. So. Excited.

I’ll wait to spill the details until after it’s done, but I wanted to do a Throwback that was mood setting without giving too much away. So today we’re going to check out some fabulous 1997 Kpop (not the theme per se) that I actually love quite a bit. I didn’t get into Kpop until 2013, so this is definitely not something that was in my walkman back in the day – that was more Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins, Ani Defranco, and Less Than Jake, but now that I know it, now that I appreciate it, it should have been. 

Jinusean is a hip hop duo, some of the pioneers of Korean hip hop actually, signed to YG. They debuted in 1997 with the support of YG himself as one of the members was a former backup dancer for Seotaji and the Boys (YG was a Boy) and the other was a solo artist and friend. In 2004-2014 the pair went on hiatus but stayed with YG and worked behind the scenes on other projects associated with the agency. They popped up every now and again doing solo bits and participated in some nostalgia-themed TV specials, but they weren’t making music together until very recently.

So in honor of my musical coming of age as a person and what I could have been listening to back in the day, here’s Jinusean performing their debut title track, Gasoline.

Gasoline, Jinusean

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