Khottie of the Week: Johnny

Posted by Alix on February 24, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Woot!! Another NCT member has finally turned 24 and can legally be featured in a solo, non-themed khottie post. His birthday was the 9th but there were a few other posts that had to happen first so I’m excited for today and we’re still in his birth month so it works!

Seo Young Ho, almost exclusively known by his English name Johnny, is a member of NCT 127.

He was born and raised in Chicago.

Was accepted into SM through a Global Audition in Chicago in 2007 and trained with EXO until they debuted.

His English is flawless and he has been doing a series on YouTube called Johnny’s Communication Center (JCC). This one is delightful, I never knew watching an idol assemble IKEA furniture could be so fun.

He didn’t debut with the original NCT group.

But now one (or at least me) could never think of NCT without Johnny.

He’s cute.

And tall.

And unassumingly sexy.

See what I mean.

He has the brightest smile.

And really is the sweetest guy.

He’s a favorite of KpopontheDL…

Can totally understand. 

You can follow NCT @nct and NCT 127 @nct12 on Instagram. 

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