Khottie of the Week: Coming Attractions

Posted by Alix on March 2, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Depending on how much you read khottie and/or listen to the podcast on a regular basis, you may know that there are rules that dictate who comes to you weekly. Basically the rules are that the hottie of any gender or nationality must be 24 years of age. You can get around this rule if you do a themed post (like khotties in sweaters) but solo posts must be at a minimum 24. You also may or may not know that there is a khottie calendar where we do our best efforts to track birthdays. Recently a few of us got to talking about the calendar and realised we should do an annual post on who will be turning 24 in the coming year…hence the coming attractions. So this list features idols born in 1995, and is NOT AT ALL an exhaustive list, just ones that I knew of or were already on the calendar. So after reading please feel free to share names and birthdays of those I might have missed and I will add them to the calendar.

April showers will bring May flowers in the form of actor/idol Yook Sung Jae from BtoB.

June will start the first of many Seventeen khottie eligible idols with Jun…

And Hoshi…was that a squeal of delight from SaraG?

Fourth of July fireworks will sparkle even brighter when NCT leader Tayong turns 24 in July.

The wave of Seventeen eligibles continues with leader S. Coups’s birthday in August.

And August also brings us Jaeyoon from SF9…in my opinion one of the most under-appreciated members.

The changing leaves of October bring us the highly anticipated 24th birthday of Jimin from BTS.

October also brings us another NCT member in Yuta.

And while SaraG usually never pays attention to dates of birth, she would be mad to know I missed the October birthday of Lee Sang from Imfact.

And before we ring in another new year, we have the December birthdays of Taehyung from BTS…

Shinwon from Pentagon.

The last 1995 member of Seventeen, Joshua.

And, in my opinion, since he’s from my favorite group, saving the best for last, Bobby from iKON.

I look forward to adding more to the calendar so please share!



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    Man, I do love a good preview!

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