Musical Monday – Promises Are Made For Compromises

Posted by SaraG on March 4, 2019


When all of the stuff went down with Hyuna and E’Dawn I was completely turned off by Cube Entertainment – they’d screwed up Beast and now they were, in many ways, damaging both Pentagon and their biggest moneymaker, Hyunga. They are old school and completely on the road to irrelevance in so many ways. I made a little promise to myself that I wouldn’t get attached to Cube artists anymore. It’s not worth it. I can’t support KNOWING that someone I love, or many someones I love, are being treated like crap so some company can turn a profit. Mismanagement is horrible and it impacts not only their product but their lives.

I have not changed my mind in this stance. I mean I fully intend to not get attached to any new groups that Cube puts together (it is with great relief that I know they are putting together a ballad group and ballad groups are seriously not my thing). But for the groups that I’m already attached to, I’m having a tougher time deciding my approach. I’ll never give up Pentagon. They are already imprinted on my soul, but I have to admit that my relationship with them has changed. I get butterflies in my stomach when I find out they’re working on something and I still look at all of the members with hearts in my eyes…but I’m also a bit distraught. I listen to everything with a lot less forgiveness…if something’s not my style, I don’t give it that second, third, or hundredth listen until I love it. But if it IS my style, I still can’t let it go.

Now in walks (G)I-dle. I’ve talked about them here before and even then when they were first debuting, I was attracted to them, starting to bond. When the CUBE scandal first broke, news came out that both Hui and Yuto had dated members of the girl group for at least a short time and it made me so happy…how could they not date. It still makes me happy. I love that they found the time and space to hopefully get some action within the walls of their terrible company. I firmly believe that young artists make better art when they are experiencing life…and sex is part of life. Now that this song, Senorita, has come out…now that I see how consistent (G)I-dle is in producing an interesting and layered sound, and how much I still enjoy the outcome of their work and the overall product, I can only hope that it means they are flipping the company the bird and still getting solid action behind the scenes.


Senorita, (G)I-dle

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