Throwback (Musical) Thursday – Very Clear Memories

Posted by SaraG on March 7, 2019


I am not, in any way, afraid of flying. I’ve been through some fairly harrowing experiences and yet, I love to travel so much that they haven’t impacted the allure of boarding time for me. The only thing that gets me a little down about rough skies is that I do get motion sickness fairly easily. Nobody likes to feel icky while trapped in a little seat in a metal tube. That’s just not cool.

I’m actually writing this post well in advance of the day it gets shared in an attempt to be prepared prior to my next adventure – our next adventure. As many of you have been aware for a very long time, Stephanie, Alix, KpopontheDL, and I are going to South Korea for a couple of weeks of fun, food, and views. Not just going but, by the time you read this, we’ll be there. Or almost there – and we’re likely exhausted but super excited.

We’ve talked a lot on various platforms about the Kentertainment portions of the trips – going to a recording of a music show, concert potential, seeing the big companies, etc. – but in reality, the trip is about so much more than that. There are trains to catch, temples to see, Silla architecture to explore, spas to visit, people to meet, and food to eat. We are world travelers and we want to consume it all.

We likely will consume it all in one way or another.

Alix and I have actually been to South Korea before (you can hear all about it here) and I thought, for the purposes of this Throwback,  that it would be cool to pay tribute to a song that came out the last time we were there…and this one is super apropos: Got7’s Hard Carry from Flight Log: Turbulence. I have very clear memories of sitting in the kitchen of our Airbnb hunched over my ipad to watch the new video – all of the commercials on YouTube were in Korean and I had to verify again that I was over 18 and could watch adult content…not for this video, but in general.

I’m not the biggest Got7 fan – nothing on them, we just haven’t bonded – but I still like to monitor their releases and know what they’re doing because they have any occasional song I can’t get enough of and there are individual members I enjoy to almost no end. But this song, because of setting and circumstance, holds a very dear place in my heart. It’s not brilliant, its not something that I would whip out to show a new Kpop fan to get them hooked. But it’s fun and full of energy and they look awesome in the MV. I don’t ask for a hell of a lot more than that from most groups.

Watch this, remember where you were when you first saw it, and, hopefully, think of us dragging our jet-lagged butts to bed.

Hard Carry, Got7

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