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Posted by Stephanie on March 8, 2019

KPop School

SaraG: Who’s ready for some Hongjoong lessons??

Stephanie: Me! Me! Me!

SaraG: first, something I forgot to pass on last time for the group as a whole…here are their social media sites and so on:
ATEEZ Official Sites:
Instagram: @ateez_official_
Twitter: @ateezofficial
Facebook: ATEEZofficial
Youtube: ATEEZ
all worth following

Stephanie: Nice. I now follow the insta.

Stephanie: He looks a little S.Coups-y there

SaraG: He has the wide set eyes like S.Coups. Kim Hongjoong is the leader of the group and is the lead rapper, a vocalist, and a composer

Stephanie: That’s a lot on his plate.

SaraG: Yes, he does a lot and sleeps very little.

Stephanie: Poor egg!

SaraG: His name means “To be the center of the broad world’ – it was fate.

Stephanie: Nicely done.

Stephanie: Wait. Is he Mullet?

SaraG: He is!

Stephanie: Squeeeeeeee

SaraG: Exactly. So physically he’s pretty tiny… When asked how tall he is, he always says that he’s been keeping it a secret but he’s really over six feet

Stephanie: I do love a short idol
And a rapper
And a take charger
I’m in

SaraG: I will let him introduce himself a little with this

Stephanie: He’s adorable

SaraG: Anyway, he is tiny…only 171 cm and is known to have very tiny hands. Jimin style

Stephanie: Oooh tiny hands

SaraG: Like me.

Stephanie: Laugh. It’s a thing.

SaraG: He went to high school, but barely attended because he has been working in the studio since then. He’s a pretty classic ‘trainee since he was a baby’ type. He has a goal and a focus and he is willing to do whatever it takes to get there. He has said that he doesn’t really have any hobbies outside of writing music and listening to music.

Stephanie: It’s Interesting to think how little education some of them have

SaraG: He’s even said that his role models are GD and Zico who are both known as incredible workaholics

Stephanie: With the same sort of backgrounds

SaraG: Exactly

Stephanie: He’s dreamy

SaraG: He participated in MIXNINE and was ranked #42….not awesome, but he was a trainee up against a lot of fairly established folks. He ranked #7 in the dance showcase.

Stephanie: He was still baking.

SaraG: He has been composing for a long time and has written more than 40 songs for other groups. I can’t name them…I just know that’s what he’s said.

Stephanie: Wow! That’s amazing. Busy kid… wait how old?

SaraG: He’s a 98 line, so over 20. Breathe.

Stephanie: Hahahahha.

SaraG: His birthday is November 7, 1998.

Stephanie: Almost my birthday! Lots of good November ones.

SaraG: His full name is Kim Hongjoong. November and February are popular kpop birth months.

Stephanie: He wants us to say his name.

SaraG: His members consider him to be a strict and dorky dad to the group. He is a very good leader from what I’ve seen.

Stephanie: I love dorky leaders!

SaraG: Keeping track of seven other young guys isn’t easy and he does it pretty well in the shows I’ve seen. He is super supportive of them all. It’s my understanding that he is roommates with Seonghwa, but since they are such a new groups, it’s harder to get a lot of random facts on them.

Stephanie:  Rookies these days have it so easy…not all crammed into one room on the floor. 😉


Stephanie: At 20 he is the oldest?

SaraG: Two are 98, the rest are 99 except the maknae who is 2000. The 98 line are roommates…

Stephanie: Baaaaabies. He looks so.cook.
I’m cooked

SaraG: Because of an outfit he wore in the KQ Fellaz show and because he owns a pair of minion slippers, the other members all call him ‘Korean Big Minion’. You’ll hear them call him Minion in various things…I think it’s just his nickname for life now.

Stephanie: Tooo late now, suckah!


Stephanie: Ppl? Hahahha

SaraG: Ppl? Not sure what you’re asking.

Stephanie: Product placement.

SaraG: hahaha. Nah, they were trainees then.

Stephanie: Are you saying DHL wouldn’t have wanted to sponsor them even back then?

SaraG: HAHAHAHAHA. They wouldn’t have known them.

SaraG: He’s been working on English and does a pretty good job of it

Stephanie: I was was just watching that part. Thinking leaders now have to really work at that.

SaraG: Yeah, it’s a thing if they want to make it internationally. Here are the members talking about him…it’s adorable.

Stephanie: That was so cute! He’s good at nagging. HAHAHAHA

SaraG: So that’s their fearless leader…feel like you know him a little better? Can you pick him out of a group shot?

Stephanie: Ummmmmmmm. We can try!




Stephanie: Woot!!!

SaraG: He’s super distinctive so I think you’ve really got him…

Stephanie: I do too! This was easy, no hesitation.

SaraG: YES. This is just funny


Stephanie: Hahhaha

SaraG: Our next lesson will be Seonghwa as the next in line according to age. He’s the sleeper hottie…

Stephanie: Oooh, I can’t wait!


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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