ATEEZ Kpop School: Seonghwa

Posted by Stephanie on March 9, 2019

KPop School

SaraG: Who’s ready for a day in class?

Stephanie: Pencils at the ready, TEACH. (uhhh short for teacher, not a demand to be taught)

SaraG: Excellent…. Everyone deserves an A for this one. Today we are going to learn about Park Seonghwa.

Stephanie: Seonghwa, the second oldest to Hongjoong? (GIVE ME A GOLD STAR)

SaraG: April 3, 1998

Stephanie: baby

SaraG: Actually, the oldest. Same year as Hongjoong, they are the 98 line and roommates.

Stephanie: Burn. Take away my gold star.

SaraG: But you got the same age part right. Silver star.

Stephanie: Look at that cute muffin!

SaraG: He is tall and lean and looks like a cold city boy but he is anything but. I’ll let him introduce himself.

SaraG: He is a vocalist and a visual of the group as can be seen in the ATEEZ’s Zone clip. He and Yeosang are insanely gorgeous.

Stephanie: I never agree on visuals…with Korea I mean

SaraG: It’s a title, a job…

Stephanie: Is that a faux lip ring?

SaraG: They are the honeypot that traps the fans. And yes, it’s a fake piercing.

Stephanie: Well, wouldn’t want to marr the trap.

SaraG: His name means Star + to be…as in “to be a star”

Stephanie: Not he’s going to be a star plus…..I don’t know…chef? Star plus flight attendant?

SaraG: hahahaha. He’s going to be a STAR

Stephanie: Yes, plus.

SaraG: Sigh.

Stephanie: It’s good. we probably shouldn’t pigeon hole him.

SaraG: Anyway, the others call him Hwaseong (his name kinda backward). It means Mars. A lovely Korean play on words.

Stephanie: Aawwww. Is he 4D?

SaraG: Not quite? He’s the mom of the group…according to the others

Stephanie: Wasn’t Hongjoong the mom? The naggy mom?

SaraG: Hongjoong is the nagging mom/dad, together they are the parents. And he is the one that cleans the dorms and keeps them in order. But he’s not afraid to be silly and he doesn’t take himself too seriously

Stephanie: Idols these days.


Stephanie: Seonghwa. Seonghwa. Seonghwa of the eyeballs.


Stephanie: Well that was adorable. Stop cleaning the room! You look like Toothless!  AND I SEE IT

SaraG: He totally looks like Toothless.

Stephanie: He does. OOOH! HE IS STAR PLUS DRAGON!

SaraG: He’s also a big fan of ASMR videos…apparently he watches them quite a bit.

Stephanie: Too late, all I see is toothless.

SaraG: He tried out for MIXNINE but didn’t make it.

Stephanie: Poor kid.

SaraG: It’s kinda sad, but ultimately I think better for him.

Stephanie: That’s okay, we prefer him here.

SaraG: He was able to fully idol himself up before we got to know him.

Stephanie: They all have their own journey, at least it’s not a terrible, heartbreaking Pentagon story.


Stephanie: Seonghwa plus lips?

SaraG: Excellent lips.
and smile

Stephanie: They dominate. What up lips, how you doin’?


Stephanie: Awwww and people think he’s angry?


Stephanie: Or is it just the angular features?

SaraG: Not angry so much as cold. He kind of has a resting….cold face But when he turns on the charm, it’s darling

Stephanie: Angles.
so he’s a singer.
How tall?


Stephanie: I’m going to go with pretty tall considering how long his neck is.

SaraG: Yes, He’s a vocalist. 178cm

Stephanie: At least forty of that is neck, right?


SaraG: This is a great show on the ATEEZ Channel…they have one for each member…where the others have to answer questions about each of them and they have to give a prize to the one that know them the best.

SaraG: I’ve watched all of them multiple times. Adorable.

Stephanie: Awwwww

SaraG: As a prize, he lets the winner talk casually to him for a day.

Stephanie: It’s funny, I can pick out Hongjoong. I love smaller groups.

SaraG: BECAUSE YOU KNOW HIM. Seonghwa can’t keep his tongue in his mouth.

Stephanie: I feel like Seonghwa is also going to be easy to pick out

SaraG: Absolutely. Ready for a test?

Stephanie: YES. Hit me

SaraG: Find me a Hongjoong and a Seonghwa



Stephanie: I’m going from size of head and length of neck

SaraG: that is Seonghwa. Now, which is Hongjoong?

Stephanie: The one I accidentally crossed out… sorry buddy

SaraG: fact

Stephanie: RED! HongJoong is stripes


Stephanie: BOOYEAH


Stephanie: I wanted to say hat but then I realized there was a lot of hats. Lips and striped sweater.

SaraG: Green cardi…correct. Hongjoong?

Stephanie: I’m not sure why I’m struggling with this. Hold, please. It’s between the other two hat guys. I’m gonna go brown hat (my phone died or I’d circle for you)

SaraG: He is one of the hat guys. Tan/Brown hat, yes!

Stephanie: WOOOOOOT Try and trick me green hat??? I WILL NOT BE FOOLED

SaraG: Green hat is Yeosang….hmmmmmmmmmmm. I lurve him. You now know 2 of 8.

Stephanie: I do. I want to say the others look pretty distinctive, but we’ll see when we get there
bah, green hat

SaraG: They are all distinctive. Not a set of twins in the bunch which is super helpful. Next up in age order we have Yunho. We’ll do him next class.

Stephanie: WOOOT. I’m very excited. See you in next class, Teach.

SaraG: You have an early dismissal for snow

Stephanie: Laugh.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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  • Reply DBChen February 3, 2020 at 9:21 pm

    I love that you do Kpop School. Am going to see ATEEZ and only recognize HongJoong and Mingi so this is super helpful. Thanks!

    • Reply Stephanie February 3, 2020 at 10:13 pm

      I’m so happy you’re enjoying Kpop School! Spoiler alert! We are making it a regular weekly series on Saturdays starting with ONEUS.

      Which ATEEZ show are you going to? We got tickets to Chicago!

      • Reply DBChen February 4, 2020 at 12:10 pm

        I’m going to Atlanta and I saw Oneus here too.

        A request: could you do a K pop school for G(I)-DLE? They’re touring in April too. They’ll be here 2 days after ATEEZ and I’m trying to decide whether or not to go.

        Again, thank you for Kpop school!

        • Reply SaraG February 4, 2020 at 3:33 pm

          I wouldn’t mind doing a G(I)-DLE school, but even without it, I can tell you they are most assuredly worth seeing. They are one of my fav girl groups and honestly up there with LOONA , Red Velvet, and EXID as far as must sees. I encourage you to go!!! They had one of my favorite songs last year and music show performances –

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