ATEEZ Kpop School: Yunho

Posted by Stephanie on March 10, 2019

KPop School

Stephanie: Hit me, Teach!

SaraG: Today we are going to meet the tallest and silliest member of the group Jeong Yunho!!

Stephanie: Is he the deep-throated one?

SaraG: No. Yunho is the main dancer and a vocalist.

Stephanie: I love when the tall ones are main dancers.


SaraG: It’s crazy how well he moves. If you recall from our group overview lesson, he is the one that was selected to be in one of Millennium’s choreo videos. Super talented.

Stephanie: I’d look at his face but I’m distracted by trying to figure out his shirt.

Stephanie: He has a bit of a Hoshi chin.

SaraG: Heh, I hadn’t noticed… Here is his self-intro

Stephanie: Those cheekbones

SaraG: He has an excellent nose scrunch when he laughs. He was born in Gwanju…man, that place produces excellent dancers.

Stephanie: Must be in the water.

Stephanie: When they went to LA, Yunho was most excited to go to Harry Potter World. He LOVES Harry Potter. He bought a wand there and basically carried it around the entire time casting spells

Stephanie: Ouch. Well there had to be one in every group

SaraG: I LOVE it. He and Mingi (the deep voiced rapper) both attended Seungri’s dance school

Stephanie: Seungri Seungri?

SaraG: That’s the one.

Stephanie: Didnt even know he had a dance school

SaraG: Well, it’s a dance school he sponsors or works with or teaches at. Remember he found the member of Winner there…

Stephanie: I was studying this guys hair braid.

SaraG: Here are the members introing their snuggle buddy.

Stephanie: Laugh. ‘They say they snuggle but in the dorms, they don’t’

SaraG: So, they mention it in the video, but he’s famously the only member that allows skinship…which is kind of BS because they all want to skinship all over HIM

Stephanie: I love Hongjoong being like I can’t wake him up. Such a mom.

SaraG: Notice how they are all so tiny compared to him. He towers

Stephanie: So he can’t be my bias. You win for another class Hongjoong!

SaraG: They often tuck him in the back so you don’t notice it so much.


Stephanie: Height. Cheekbones. Chin. Dancer.

SaraG: He has all of those sharpish features but his face is still kind of round.

Stephanie: A la Hoshi.

SaraG: He also is super silly…the puppy of the group…and so he’s often pulling a face.

Stephanie: Interesting considering the age on the group

SaraG: HAHAHAH. He’s kind of in the middle…third oldest… He’s all floppy and pretty and fun

SaraG: He’s kind of a real-life teddy bear. Downturned mouth.

Stephanie: He is very tall.


Stephanie: Why they hide his face?


SaraG: They hide him because….they are unwise

Stephanie: Seems like a bad plan


SaraG: He’s another member that auditioned for MIXNINE but didn’t make it. Again, sad for him then, but probably better in the long run.

Stephanie: So multiple previous failures in this group. You know how I feel about that.

SaraG: You’re a sucker for it

Stephanie: I AM

SaraG: OH, I lied…I think I said 180 cm before…he’s 184

Stephanie: Those are some large hands!

SaraG: He is, like EVERYONE IN THIS GROUP, super distinctive and full of personality. Here is more focus on his dancing.

SaraG: Ready for a test?


SaraG: It’s time to start lettering the pics…who all do you know.

Stephanie: I’m having issues with his name

SaraG: Yunho
Yun. Ho.

Stephanie: I was trying to spell it yoonho. Yunho.


Stephanie: On it

SaraG: He’s a member that I have never found myself ATTRACTED to per se, but I can’t take my eyes off of him half the time. He’s distracting and lovely and fun. I want him to be my younger brother. I want to bop him on the head for being annoying and then pull him in for an embarrassingly long hug in front of his friends. I want to scold him while looking up at his towering height. It’s a feeling I’m used to as I am 5’4″ and my baby brother is 6’4″


SaraG: Close but not quite. Want a second try or do you want me to tell you?

Stephanie: No?


Stephanie: Whew

SaraG: Though it hurts my soul a little to see Yeosang crossed out.

Stephanie: Better?

SaraG: Much. One more test for today. 

SaraG: Yunho: height, cheekbones, chin, skinship, puppy, energy, dancer, vocalist


SaraG: CORRECT and that wasn’t an easy one

Stephanie: Funny how I can’t even begin to guess the others. It’s like a surprise every class

SaraG: You can…you recognize Mingi a full 1/4 of the time.

Stephanie: I can recognize his voice

SaraG: Watching stuff like this helps, you read the subs and learn who is talking.

Stephanie: I’ve had Say My Name in my head since 4am

SaraG: That’s a lot of Say My Name. Worth it.

Stephanie: I’m not bored yet. I had a dream. I met the Mcfeeleys at the airport and had to explain to Ry why I was a fan. She was very upset.

SaraG: She was upset that you were a fan of ATEEZ? Or of her family?

Stephanie: That I was a fan. I was explaining to her the airport baggage dance move

SaraG: HAHAHAHA. How could someone NOT fall in love with that?

Stephanie: Turns out even in my dream I’m a cringy dancer. Thanks, subconscious.

SaraG: That’s hilarious. Just show her the insta clip.

Stephanie: Laugh.

SaraG: You now know three of eight members
the oldest and the tallest

Stephanie: We got this!

SaraG: Leader, oldest, tallest


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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