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Posted by Stephanie on March 11, 2019

KPop School

Stephanie: I’m ready to be ATEEZed whenever you are.

SaraG: Tonight we are going to do Kang Yeosang…

Stephanie: Hello Cutie, who are you?

SaraG: Yeosang is the lead dancer, a vocalist, and the other visual of the group. Do you remember who the first one was?

Stephanie: laugh….the other visual. I sure do! I did my homework

SaraG: Hint

Stephanie: I don’t need no stinking hit.

SaraG: HAHAHAHA. Who is it then??

Stephanie: It’s Toothless! Seonghwa

SaraG: Correct! It’s easy to see why they are the visuals.

Stephanie: They have the same jaw

SaraG: Here is Yeosang’s self into in ASMR

Stephanie: Ooh he is DARLING. What up Hongjoong, you may have your first rival.

SaraG: He was the reason I started following ATEEZ when they were the KQFellaz. The first thing that caught me was his birthmark….I love people with something interesting and unique about them

SaraG: They routinely cover it up with makeup, but he shows it off sometimes.

Stephanie: Aww, I hope he does! It’s cute.


Stephanie: People had better not be mean to him. I’m suddenly very protective. I want to put him in my pocket.

SaraG: He’s from Incheon

Stephanie: There’s more there than the airport? Or did he grow up in the airport? No judgment.

SaraG: Lots. Lots more.

Stephanie: ….but mostly, an airport.

SaraG: He’s 173 cm (around 5’8″) and slight…he’s a skater boy

Stephanie: God, I read that and thought figure skating. Sorry buddy.

SaraG: Ah, no. Board.

Stephanie: I realized that later. Whoops.

SaraG: He’s a gorgeous dancer…shock…they all are in ATEEZ…and was a trainee at BigHit

Stephanie: No. Way.

SaraG: Way

Stephanie: And they let him go for the marshmallows?


SaraG: The marshmallows are a delight…speaking of…Yeosang is FAMOUS among the members for his sweet tooth.

Stephanie: Did they give him an extra inch in the video????

SaraG: Much like Kang Daniel, he eats Jellies in bed at night…his roommate and friend of four years is Wooyoung and he complains about all of the candy. Extra inch? in height? Lifts?

Stephanie: They are right, he DOES look good in pink hair

SaraG: Extremely and with his board.

Stephanie: We should eat jellies in bed when we’re in Korea.


Stephanie: He looks like a BABY. Must pinch cheeks.


Stephanie: better

SaraG: He’s a 99 line… He’s big into video games and drones…he’s kind of a nerdy guys guy.

Stephanie: Or he’s a boy, he sounds very boy like.

SaraG: He is VERY boy. His heroes are V (Taehyung) of BTS and Taeyong of NCT.

Stephanie: Aawwww that’s super cute!


Stephanie: I feel like he might be trouble for me.

SaraG: He seems pretty private and is kind of ‘hurt’ by the other members a lot. He’s very quiet compared to the other members and he gets kind of lost in the mix….they forgot his birthday and he was crushed….yeah, he’s def my bias.

Stephanie: awwwwww that is terrible, how 16 Candles of him!

SaraG: He’s known as the Fact Bomber…he drops random facts a lot. Here is his ATEEZ Love game episode.

Stephanie: I do like the sound of his voice.


Stephanie: Look at that face scrunch!

SaraG: Here’s a fancam so you can get used to him moving.

Stephanie: He’s lead dancer right?

SaraG: Yes, lead dancer. He’s superb at facial expressions.

Stephanie: I’m watching the video thinking, in a couple of weeks that could be us!

SaraG: IT WILL BE!! only, probably not ATEEZ. Yeosang doesn’t get many lines in the songs…he mostly has the awesome dance bits
He’s the one that has the super cool spot in Pirate King. Watch the very beginning.

Stephanie: Well, he’s lead dancer AND visual, we can’t ask everything of him

SaraG: He has the pink hair

Stephanie: Took me a while to see the pink

SaraG: He’s dead front and center at the beginning

Stephanie: I’m not certain that’s actually pink pink. He’s in the middle?


Stephanie: Nicely labeled.

SaraG: Labels help.

Stephanie: I love that this comeback they are all actually labeled…very helpful for a newbie fan.

SaraG: Extremely. So do you think you can pick him out in a crowd?

Stephanie: I’m willing to give it a try.


SaraG: Starting small.

SaraG: You know two of these so I expect initials.


SaraG: CORRECT. You know four members…so who are they.

Stephanie: Oh Yeah.

SaraG: Did you just label Seonghwa as toothless???

Stephanie: …..maybe.

SaraG: It took me a minute to figure out what you were doing there. Hahahhaha be careful doing that or you’ll forget his real name and then be screwed on the final.

Stephanie: Seonghwa star plus….



SaraG: Four down and four to go!!!! Getting a feel for the last group? I mean the last members of the group, last half of the group.

Stephanie: I have to guess a little bit on him or I think I do, but then he actually comes out right

SaraG: You mean Yeosang? Awwwww, Don’t worry, I’ll love him forever. I’ve been unwavering for him despite my love for the others, he’s always stood out.

Stephanie: I find him very cute. I think I might be putting too much pressure on it because I got him multiple times. I’ll just quiz myself.

SaraG: Need a couple more?

Stephanie: Hit me one more time.




Stephanie: and see? I saw him and didn’t even look at the others. I had him first.

SaraG: He’s so lovely and precious.

Stephanie: I can see it…now let’s throw him a birthday party.



SaraG: Our next lesson will be the super sassy charmer San.

Stephanie: He’ll always be a birthday forgetter to me


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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