Musical Monday – Where Have You Been?

Posted by SaraG on March 11, 2019


*Full disclosure, I wrote and scheduled this three days before leaving on the trip…so it’s not totally new, but it’s new enough and I still think it counts because I’m guessing almost none of you know he exists…and you should.

Sometimes, when you’re fiddling on your phone instead of doing the thing you’re supposed to be doing, you find pure gold. I have proof. Most of my music library is proof. I mean, I do a lot of fiddling with my phone when I should be working out or walking my dog or cleaning.


D-4 to the trip and I wasn’t working on packing or downloading media for the flight, I was scrolling through some recommendations on YouTube and I stumbled on LOANN. The thumbnail was pretty standard solo artist fair and didn’t really pique my interest, but listening to 12 seconds of a song I don’t like sounded a lot better than choosing between two extremely similar shirts to actually roll up and put in my packing cube. So I tapped on it. I tapped and I fell in love – and not just with this song, with his whole (very limited) library of releases.

After growing up in Korea, Australia, and Germany and then attending the Berklee School of music, LOANN started as a producer for Tone8do and was recommended to become a solo artist by the main producer in the company. That main producer now has my gratitude and applause. LOANN debuted as an artist, the first artist on Tone8do, in October 2018 and has only an EP, an OST song, and this brand spanking new (as I write this) single. To be perfectly honest, this song, Let You Go, is the most typical Kpop/KR&B song he has…if you dig a little deeper on the EP and listen to the second song on the single, they get much more interesting. I might have to make an “EVERYTHING LOANN” playlist.

I might have already done it.


Let You Go, LOANN

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