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Posted by Stephanie on March 12, 2019

KPop School

SaraG: Who’s ready for some SAN????

Stephanie: Who isn’t?

SaraG: Right Answer.

Stephanie: I know how to make teacher happy.

SaraG: Choi San is ALSO a main dancer and a vocalist. He is captivating to watch.

Stephanie: How many main dances do they have? Two and a lead?

SaraG: 8?

Stephanie: Hahahhaha

SaraG: I believe it’s two and a Lead, yes.

Stephanie: Look at me retaining stuff

SaraG: San is a 99 liner and the same height as Yeosang…5’8″

Stephanie: We’d bee able to see eye to eye.

SaraG: He’s still tall to me!

Stephanie: Yay, you!

SaraG: San is fluent in English and his pronunciation is gorgeous.

Stephanie: Ooooh

SaraG: Dimples

Stephanie: What’s his background? That’s some accentless English there…though he loses points for the hair fiddling.

SaraG: I don’t know a lot about where he’s from or where he grew up…I haven’t seen that around yet. I know he has an older sister and also speaks Japanese.

Stephanie: I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an international flavor to him. Like an IM.

SaraG: It’s possible. He collects stuffies/plushies and often carries Shiber around.
Stephanie: Oh fanmeets.



Stephanie: I just remembered something. He forgot Yeosang’s birthday.

SaraG: HAHAHAHA are you making connections?? He DID!!!

Stephanie: I was all awww then I was all, hey, you forgot Yeosang’s birthday and made him sad.

SaraG: Nah, he’s adorable and sassy. He can’t remember everything.

Stephanie: Sigh. YEOSANG WAS SAD.

SaraG: He’s super close with his grandparents…he spent more time with them than with his parents when growing up

Stephanie: You mean for the 5 years he grew up before becoming a trainee? I’m imagining?

SaraG: Close, I’m sure.

SaraG: From the beginning he was very, very cutesy but since debut that has mellowed out nicely. It was almost like he was told to be the cute one and then figured out how to fit his own personality into it

Stephanie: I like to compare idols from when they come out to when they settle in. Hoseok is a good example. Apparently so is BI.

SaraG: Yeah, totally. He is known as the moodmaker of the group… like Hoseok.

Stephanie: I do like a moodmaker. Not as much as I covet a leader but close.

SaraG: He always says that his hobby is watching tv and playing games with the other members

Stephanie: Good thing because…Yeosang likes playing video games?

SaraG: Yes! He said that if he couldn’t be an idol he’d want to be a barista or florist…he was made for fic.

Stephanie: hahahhahha

SaraG: Here is his Love Test

Stephanie: Who does he look like there? He looks like someone

SaraG: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm not sure.

Stephanie: Could be no one
could be making it up
I do that

SaraG: There is something familiar about him.

SaraG: Sometimes he looks round in the face and at others, he’s incredibly angular.

Stephanie: He probably practices that in the mirror. They probably all do. It’s probably part of a class. They all sit around with hand mirrors.

SaraG: Most likely…but the change is drastic with him.

Stephanie: A+ sir, you pass the class with honors~

SaraG: He’s also their go-to aegyo guy, super adorable.

Stephanie: It’s so funny how every group has to have one.

SaraG: The other members also talk a lot about how he has a ton of talent…like good at everything. He’s also really good at impressions. I think he’ll be their variety guy.

Stephanie: Awwww He’s their JooHoney!

SaraG: OH, maybe he looks a little like Taehyung? Or maybe he looks a little like DK from SVT?

SaraG: Like a tiny DK

Stephanie: Him biting the paper. Well that’s….yeah….hello.

SaraG: He’s also called the ‘fake maknae’ because he acts like the youngest and sometimes is treated like the youngest even though he’s in the middle.

Stephanie: Is the youngest like, super mature? Wait! No spoilers!


Stephanie: He looks really different in a lot of those pictures

SaraG: I TOLD YOU. He’s very changeable.

SaraG: This is San with his roommate…tell me who it is and which is which.

Stephanie: He’s going to be trixy this one. Front Yunho, third oldest, tallest.

SaraG: There is a lot of space between his eyes.

Stephanie: Behind him, San. The fifth oldest.

SaraG: Space between his eyes and thin lips.

Stephanie: Baby Dino?

SaraG: Well….same age as Dino.

Stephanie: But seventeen has been around for longer.

SaraG: It’s true.

Stephanie: So technically he would be the senior? Dino.

SaraG: Sanbae but not hyung. Here is a fan cam so you can see him move.

Stephanie: Oh yeah.

SaraG: It’s amazing. I get distracted by his jawline when he dances.

Stephanie: Really sharp, exact moves.

SaraG: OH! people say he looks like Kai from EXO and Ten from NCT

Stephanie: Weirdly. Looking at that? I agree with you. He looks like DK

SaraG: His face shape and expressions are DKish. OK, test.



Stephanie: WOOT. I heart small groups!!!


Stephanie: On it.

SaraG: WOOT!! Feeling good about the five?

Stephanie: I actually am!

SaraG: Next up is Mingi!! Our deep voices rapper.

Stephanie: Oooh, I’ve been waiting for this! Very excited.

SaraG: The remaining three are as lovely as the first five.

Stephanie: Here’s hoping!

SaraG: Here’s knowing!


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  • Reply Juliette May 13, 2019 at 6:32 pm

    Just letting you know you put a photo of ten instead of san in between the teaser photos for pirate king and say my name 🙂

    • Reply Stephanie May 13, 2019 at 10:08 pm

      …..we did that to test you. Congratulations! You passed the class!

      😉 Thanks for the heads up. I think I’m going to leave it, see if anyone else catches it!

  • Reply Lila-Chan July 2, 2019 at 4:53 pm

    on the picture in black and white it’s Ten from NCT ^^ he is not him

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