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Posted by Stephanie on March 13, 2019

KPop School

SaraG: Introducing member #6!!!

Stephanie: I can’t believe we are at 6! Where have the members all gone??

SaraG: Hahaha. Please introduce yourself to Song Mingi…The tall, deep voiced rapper.

SaraG: In fact, he is the main rapper and yet another Lead Dancer. I get the feeling they are all lead dancers. EVERY LAST ONE.

Stephanie: Srsly. Takes down the prestige a bit. You’re a lead and you’re a lead and …


SaraG: Mingi is in the 99 line and is 6 feet tall.

Stephanie: He’s pretty.

SaraG: Very pretty.

Stephanie: Uhoh Hongjoong you may finally have some real competition.

SaraG: He looks suuuuuper cool BUUUUUTTTTTTT he’s a tiny old man inside.

Stephanie: I was waiting for the but

SaraG: He often says that he and his father are basically the exact same person.

Stephanie: Is he cranky?

SaraG: His favorite thing in the world is going to the spa and soaking in hot springs. He is in no way cranky.

Stephanie: Awww so more of a Jin than a Yoongi

SaraG: He’s a soft puppy. ooooodles of talent, but kind of ….hmmmm….more of a …..hmmmm….Bobby. How do I put this nicely? He’s dripping in charisma and charm and talent, but he’s a stuffy inside.

Stephanie: Awwwwwww

SaraG: Like an adorably not bright bulb.

Stephanie: Hongjoong, I’m back!

SaraG: Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s dumb, but I don’t think he’s very quick-witted. You can see it in his ASMR intro.

SaraG: I love that when they ask him what he’s good at, his answer is ‘daydreaming’

Stephanie: That voice!!!! I instantly see the Bobby.

SaraG: He is sometimes compared to Bobby physically too…some fans think they look similar.

Stephanie: Asking him what book he read. That’s so mean

SaraG: Hahahaha. Some of the others had great answers to the question…

Stephanie: He’s like…. they made me study English…for 5 minutes.


SaraG: Mingi was always interested in rap and dance and that led him to want to be an idol. He was formerly a trainee at Maroo Entertainment.

Stephanie: Another one I haven’t heard of

SaraG: I’ve seen some good trainees from there…they had Kim Jong Kook and still have Kim Seok Jin. They aren’t no name.

Stephanie: He loves nachos??? Awwwww. I do too!

SaraG: He’d do well on a Friday night

Stephanie: I’d make him his own nachos. We could watch him eat them

SaraG: Yes, please…As I mentioned in Yunho’s lesson, he and Yunho both attended Seungri’s dance school. He’s another giant that moves beautifully.

Stephanie: He really likes hot springs, he’s mentioned them twice

SaraG: He mentions them in EVERY INTERVIEW

Stephanie: He super lives them.

SaraG: Check his prize on the ATEEZ love game.

Stephane: I feel like he can be excused for forgetting Yeosang’s birthday. Just a feeling…..

SaraG: They say that Yunho is the only one that allows skinship, but I call BS…Mingi has been known to kiss on the other members. He was a contestant on MIXNINE and was ranked 23 in the dance showcase and 62 overall.

Stephanie: Out of?

SaraG: 6 bazillion (read: I’m not positive) I’ll distract you with this picture.

Stephanie: What was I asking? I don’t remember.

SaraG: Mingi is scared of bugs, like straight up scared of them.

Stephanie: I am straight up scared of ladybugs. I feel you Mingi.

SaraG: He’s also loud and super silly with the members…example, he started the Big Korean Minion nickname.

Stephanie: Hongjoong right?


Stephanie: Woooot!

SaraG: Mingi’s role models are Jay Park and Rain…rap and dance

Stephanie: Laugh. Interesting pairing


SaraG: Here’s a Mingi fancam so you can see him moving.

SaraG: I adore the pants he’s wearing. His favorite food is chicken. And it is known that he does have some back issues so I’d expect at least one comeback where he can’t promote. Just as a warning.

Stephanie: The whole look for that comeback is amazing. Awww poor the8! All those injuries he has.


Stephanie: I do love someone who needs to bring a backpack to the photoshoot. Never know what you’re going to need!

SaraG: Here’s a little test…you’ll remember this video from the group lesson…the dance off of power vs. sexy. You now know three of the four…can you name them?

Stephanie: I can!

SaraG: Don’t read the Hangul, cheater.

Stephanie: Not a great sign I didn’t even attempt the hangul
1- yunho 2- mingo 3- TBD 4- yeosang

SaraG: 2 is mingi but I’ll give it to you as I assume it was autocorrect and close…4 is San, Wooyoung and San

Stephanie: Hahahahahha. Mingo. Though I could only see half his face soooo

SaraG: Heh…you can click on it, it gets big.

Stephanie: Clicking doesn’t move the bangs

SaraG:  HAHAHAHA I didn’t even notice the bangs in his face, San stands out for me.

Stephanie: For now I need cheekbones.

SaraG: Mingi says that his special talent is sleeping….he’s a good sleeper

Stephanie: Surprisingly me too! Nachos! Napping! Water! Lead dancer! We are like twins

SaraG: Super the same, you should be best friends.

Stephanie: We should be, we could nap together. Then eat nachos. By the pool.

SaraG: His eyes man…stunning.Stephanie: Now I keep seeing Bobby. I wish I could do eyeshadow that well

SaraG: Same, sister. Who are these two?

Stephanie: Hahahhaahha

SaraG: Correct!  You know four of these five… (and I saw the autocorrect your finger made)


Stephanie: Those are the 4 I know.

SaraG: and who are they? (the fifth is for the next lesson)

Stephanie: Caught that did you?

SaraG: I see all.


SaraG: So far so good.


SaraG: YES!

Stephanie: No way! That was hard.

SaraG: This is interesting…he also gets compared to Jisung from NCT Dream (the maknae) and Ji soo the actor.

Stephanie: I think again you make better comparisons.

SaraG: Mingi kissing Yunho.

Stephanie: Yunho&Mingi

SaraG: Work on these three…


SaraG: Close. Mingi, Seonghwa, Yunho.

Stephanie: I am heartbroken. I’ve never failed toothless before.

SaraG: His expression here was completely different. It was a challenge. One more test for tonight.


SaraG: 100% A+ Two left. They are Wooyoung and our soft but strong maknae, Jongho.

Stephanie: Yay!


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