ATEEZ Kpop School: WooYoung

Posted by Stephanie on March 14, 2019

KPop School

SaraG: Hello!!!! Class is in session!!

Stephanie: Is that you ringing the bell?

SaraG: Ding Dong

Stephanie: The K-school bell?

SaraG: Ringa linga

Stephanie: hahahha

SaraG: Today we are going to learn about Jung Wooyoung.

Stephanie: Wooyoung
The second youngest member of ATEEZ
he joins….

SaraG: YES!!

Stephanie: Wooot. It had been a while. I needed to check.

SaraG: He’s a November 99er

Stephanie: Another November-er? I like him already


Stephanie: Is he a main dance? R? Dancer?

SaraG: He’s yet another Main Dancer, a visual, and a vocalist

Stephanie: hahahahhaha okay.

SaraG: I recently watched an episode of the pre-debut show and the way they broke it up and had Yunho, Mingi, and Wooyoung teach the members made sense, they have different strong suits and skills and VERY different styles.

Stephanie: Well you’d expect that from a main dancer. He’s pretty!

SaraG: Man, this group can dance. He’s gorgeous…5’8″ and all sexy.

Stephanie: Tallish!

SaraG: His idols are Jimin from BTS and Gikwang from Highlight…and you can see them both in his style. BTS is his fav group.

Stephanie: Awwwww that’s adorable.

SaraG: He and Tag from Golcha and Bin Hanuel from Idol school went to high school together. He’s also really good friends with Changbin from Stray Kids

Stephanie: Where is he from? He’s one of those idols that other idols love…he knows everyone and they know him and love him.

SaraG: I don’t know his hometown. To introduce himself…

Stephanie: Look at all those earrings and that round face.

SaraG: He’s a doll. He reminds me of Kino from Pentagon quite a bit…all sassy and brassy and over the top but not to the point where you can’t stand him. Like loud and sexy and a born idol

Stephanie: I like sassy…not mean sassy though.

SaraG: He’s sassy sassy

Stephanie: That’s points in his favor then.


SaraG: He was on MIXNINE and was 57 on the Dance showcase and 72 overall.

Stephanie: Bummer. That’s cool, we prefer him here…being all sassy here.

SaraG: Exactly. I’ve seen him dance for a panel of choreographers and they all commented on the fact that he was confident and sexy about his dancing without seeming cocky. They were very excited to see what he does in the future

Stephanie: And now we will. In ATEEZ. Hands off choreographers.

SaraG: Heh

Stephanie: Other things I’m a sucker for: Earings, Purple hair

SaraG: He’s got ’em in spades.

Stephanie: Sassy earrings and purple hair.

SaraG: You are describing me half of the time. Dingo did a prank show once with a few of the members of ATEEZ…Wooyoung among them…to see how they would react in kind of startling situations.

SaraG: They behaved admirably.

Stephanie: Whew.

SaraG: It’s super cute. Seonghwa saving a kid, San helping a guy, and Wooyoung taking responsibility for a guy he didn’t actually harm

Stephanie: Well that is adorable, can I luf them all?

SaraG: They are the most pleasant group of young men. You can def love them all.

Stephanie: Whew. So where is he from?


Stephanie: Yes, but now we’re like three minutes later.

SaraG: I DO know that he’s also a former BIGHIT trainee — Hence his love for BTS…his legit sanbaes

Stephanie: BIGHIT letting go of all the ATEEZ

SaraG: I just think they weren’t ready at that time for another group

Stephanie: I’m glad that they found another way

SaraG: Me too. very glad. Wooyoung has this kind of high pitched voice that in no way irritates me…it’s like high masculine.

Stephanie: Woozi-esqe?

SaraG: Yeeeees. He’s friendly and extroverted and silly.

Stephanie: as expected from second youngest.

SaraG: He’s a cutey too…not afraid of aegyo.

SaraG: But his strong suit is definitely sexy.

Stephanie: Well then he fits in well with the rest of his group. He has a little jimin on him there. (the upper one)

SaraG: He has a lot of Jimin on him. They are very similar physically…and in some personality quirks. But he’s certainly his own guy.

Stephanie: What is he wearing???

SaraG: He’s wearing whatever the stylists put him in. He and San are super close…but he and Yeosang (the other former BIGHITTER) are roomies.

Stephanie: Interesting they aren’t doing it by age. And if he’s his roommate he probably should have remembered Yeosang’s birthday

SaraG: They aren’t, but most of them are 99ers. Who’s this?

Stephanie: Pink: Wooyong

SaraG: Yes

Stephanie: Black: Seonghwa

SaraG: No. One more guess.

Stephanie: NO?

SaraG: LIES. Yes.

Stephanie: Whew.

SaraG: I didn’t see him back there, I was focused on the foreground.

Stephanie: Booyeah. Silver, Minki?

SaraG: YES


SaraG: All of the points.

SaraG: Here’s a HARD one.

Stephanie Blond Wooyoung.

SaraG: Switch that.

Stephanie: I don’t know the other? BUMMER That one was hard.

SaraG: Brown is Wooyoung…Blonde is….Hongjoong.

Stephanie: Apparently I don’t know scrunchy face

SaraG: Scrunchy is some next level shit. How about this one…much easier.


Stephanie: I think I got one wrong

SaraG: So close…I’ll give you the chance to fix the striped shirt.

Stephanie: That’s what I thought. San?

SaraG: YES. You righted that wrong.

Stephanie: Yay!!!!

SaraG: Here’s San and Wooyoung..because, obviously.

Stephanie: Awwwww. They are excited I righted the wrong, too!

SaraG: So excited


SaraG: Very Close!

Stephanie: Dang It.

SaraG: We’ll do ONE more tonight.


SaraG: You marked two of them YS and you skipped a Mingi. Want a second chance?

Stephanie: Yes!

SaraG: You may have it.


Stephanie: How bad did I do? This was hard they are so young in there — younger —babies-er.


Stephanie: No way!!!! I thought for sure I had that wrong. Except for Toothless.

SaraG: One member to go and you’ve got ATEEZ down.

Stephanie: BOOYEAH

SaraG: Or at least down enough that you’ll know them like your own friends before the year is out. The maknae is Jongho and he really is a maknae on top…He’s super easy.

Stephanie: I’m in. I could always do with more friends.


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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