Throwback (Musical) Thursday – So Clear, So Obvious

Posted by SaraG on March 14, 2019


Full disclosure, this post was written and scheduled well in advance of our trip South Korea so it won’t have timely updates and interesting quips about our adventures or world events. Sorry. But it IS another song that came out the last time Alix and I were in Korea so it’s full of nostalgia and excitement. Plus, it was one of the songs that made me sit up and stan LOONA.

As a reminder or for those that didn’t know, LOONA’s Korean name is 이달의 소녀 which means girl of the month. Prior to debut, the members were introduced through solo songs and subunits over the course of more than a year – eighteen months to be exact. Heejin burst onto the scene with the song ViViD on October 4, 2016, and I was instantly in love. The song has an upbeat retro sound that perfectly highlights her voice and shows something of the style the group would eventually bring in that it’s upbeat and fun while having a bit of an edge.

Each of the members of LOONA are associated with a color and an animal. Heejin is bright pink and rabbits…the MV for ViViD is full of both and it adds an interesting layer of ‘in the know’ and wonderland at the same time. LOONA is nothing if not layered.

Bonus, I completely agree with the message of the song – life is boring without bright colors. Fill me up with those bright colors. Oh My God, Yes.

ViViD, Loona (HeeJin Solo)

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