ATEEZ Kpop School: Jongho

Posted by Stephanie on March 15, 2019

KPop School

Stephanie: Hit me baby one last time.

SaraG: Please meet the last, but certainly not the least member of ATEEZ, Jongho

Stephanie: The baby! He’s adorable. Very maknae.

SaraG: He’s an October 2000 baby. But he’s def not that baby looking…or acting. He’s one of those youngest/not youngest members

Stephanie: Reaaaaly, tell me more!

SaraG: do you remember who acts like the makane?

Stephanie: San?

SaraG: YES

Stephanie: Woooot


SaraG: Jongho is around 5’9″ and super fit…like mr. muscle. He was training to be an athlete when he heard a 1987 ballad by some famous Korean singer and he was completely captivated

Stephanie: Awwww baby mastered the thumb lip move


SaraG: He is so strong, one of his talents on variety shows is breaking fruit in half with his bare hands

Stephanie: Hahahahha. Handy during watermelon season.


Stephanie: Hahahahahha how did they even start that?

SaraG: Who even knows. But it’s adorable

Stephanie: That’s like the weirdest thing ever

SaraG: But such a clean break.



Stephanie: And that its the same song…


Stephanie: Who does he look like?

SaraG: Jongho from ATEEZ.

Stephanie: Also. You know I’m a sucker for double hoops.

SaraG: #fact. He always seems to be pretty quiet on their reality shows…kind of watching and soaking it all up…but I know he has a quick wit and a good sense of humor.

Stephanie: Wide-eyed maknae.

SaraG: He likes to make fun of Wooyoung in particular…he likes to lie to him about things like airplanes to make him scared or confused.
They really aren’t THAT far apart in age.

Stephanie: Awwwwww troublesome maknae.

SaraG: But in the best possible way.

SaraG: He and Mingi are roomies…I bet that room is either silent as a tomb or hilariously loud at any given time.

Stephanie: Laugh. I can see Mingi constantly handing him fruit and laughing…Dude. Do it again!

SaraG: Oh, totally. Here’s his love test with the other members.

Stephanie: Did they do the spinny compliment video thing for him?

SaraG: I haven’t been able to find the 59″ thing for the last couple of members….the person that translated them only did a few members

Stephanie: Boooooo anti-maknae biased subber.

SaraG: It’s really a travesty.

Stephanie: It’s a doggone shame!

SaraG: Jongho was on MIXNINE with some of his hyungs… he ranked 27th in the dance showcase and 43rd over all. He did really, really well.

Stephanie: That was good, wasn’t one of them like in the 80s?

SaraG: Yeah….and several didn’t make it. He’s a pretty fantastic idol…here’s a fancam.

SaraG: If he couldn’t be an idol, he’s said that he would try to be an actor…which is interesting since he was leaning professional sports before the idol thing happened.

Stephanie: Well, he was probably a baby when he made that decision.

SaraG: He is super apologetic about his strength and love for working out…kind of reminds me of Wonho in that regard. He’s always saying that he’s sorry he looks so strong, that he is really kind and quiet despite his appearance. His favorite music is ballads for crying out loud.

Stephanie: Aawwwww I like it when they do things for themselves and hate it when they feel the need to apologize.

SaraG: I know, it’s heartbreaking.

Stephanie: Look at that! Santa-maknae!

SaraG: He’s a big eater…like an adorably big eater. When there’s food, he’s completely focused on it.

Stephanie: Well, someone has to eat all that fruit.

SaraG: HAHAHAHA. It’s interesting, I know so little about his life outside of ATEEZ because he is so private.
I’ve kept my eye on him, but he rarely lets anything slip about his personal life

Stephanie: Smart


SaraG: Who are they?

Stephanie: Ateez!

SaraG: Well, part of ATEEZ

Stephanie: A big part.

SaraG: Half…not that big.

Stephanie: …….I think I forgot everything. Please hold

SaraG: 1 of 4 correct

Stephanie: Whew.

Stephanie: Please help. I don’t know why I cant get this.

SaraG: Halfway!

Stephanie: I’m sad 😞
Try again, please




Stephanie: No way!!!

SaraG: Excellent!!

Stephanie: Woot.





Stephanie: Unfortunately it’s easier when there are all of them together

SaraG: Here’s your final…a little tricky.

Stephanie: Process of elimination. On it.


SaraG: You passed this semester with flying colors.

Stephanie: Yay!!! What up ATEEZ? I know you. Thanks, teacher!!!!

SaraG: I recommend going back and watching their shows. It’s a delight.

Stephanie: I could use some delight. I’m going to go back and do the whole lessons again.

SaraG: Heh.

Stephanie: ❤ three cheers for the best kpop teacher!

SaraG: Or ‘a’ kpop teacher!

Stephanie: Nope. The best kpop teacher.

SaraG: Well, thank you.


Another round of Kpop School is in the bag! This was probably one of my favorite sessions. How did you do? Pass with flying colors? If you want to suggest a Kpop Class you’d like us to take, please let us know!


Choose your own adventure! Skip around the class here:
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    for Kpop School, I’d suggest G(I)dle, Red Velvet or SF9


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