Khottie of the Week: Song Yun Hyeong

Posted by Alix on March 16, 2019

Khottie of the Week

If you paid attention to the Coming Attractions post and love iKON as much as I do, you would know that there is not just one member of iKON turning 24 this year but two. Song Yun Hyeong had his 24th birthday on February 8th and I love any chance I get to talk about any and all members of this group.

Song Yun Hyeong, stage name Song, is a vocalist and visual for iKON.

It’s so obvious, at least to me, why he is identified as visual.

So perfect.

Not sure which is prettier…Song or the flowers. 

Even with the funny face, he’s still prettier.

So pretty…

And lest we forget…also sexy.

Beautiful and sexy.

And silly…he likes to make fun of the other members.

And hates when they make fun of him.

However, he is incredibly supportive and caring…ask me sometime about the heartbreaking moment in Mix & Match when he became my second bias.

He’s known for his cooking.

And his glowing smile.

You can follow him on Instagram, @sssong_yh or all of iKON, @withikonic. 


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