I’m Back! I’m here! Well. Mostly.

Posted by Stephanie on March 23, 2019


Jetlag is a real bitch, man. No lies. But after what I’m going to call a very successful trip there and back from South Korea, I’m back. Sorry for any missed posts, I hope you enjoyed ATEEZ school! As you noticed, I didn’t do a single post while I was away. I meant to…but time got away from me. Or…we we went, we went. We went until we came back to the various Airbnb’s and collapsed for the evening. (One day clocking an in impressive 30000 steps. Uphill. Or, up a mountain, as we actually climbed Namsan in order to see the tower. (As we are either badass or the cable cars were down for renovation our entire stay.)

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have been able to track some of our many adventures but if you don’t, stay tuned, I’m feeling chatty and think I’m going to do my South Korea journaling here so I won’t ever forget anything so brace yourselves in the upcoming weeks.

As an overview:

Korea? Amazing. Super safe. Very comfortable. Language issue was not really an issue. We managed to squeeze in as many kpop/kdrama moments as possible. Here’s a checklist of some of the moments:

Various Palaces? Saeguk-Check.
Coffee Princes? Squeee-Check.
Misunderstandings at the Han River? Sob-Check.
Visits to the rest stop? Checkity-Check. (Though this might be more of a fanfic thing)
Street waffles? Eaten-Check.
Drunken shenanigans? Glug-Check.
Hangover medicines? Consumed-Check
Popping into the local pharmacy? Med-Check! (If only we were in there for pain patches!)
Fried chicken eaten at the beach by the rainbow bridge? Nom nom-Check.
Wishes made at monasteries? Solemn-Check.
Lovelocks at Namsang Tower? Click-check.
Walking the fortress walls? Pant-check.
Eat wriggling food in a tent while drinking soju? Blurg-Check.
Sitting at the back of the bus? Badass-check.
Meet cute as the person sitting next to you falls asleep on your shoulder? Sleepy-check.
Fights with other fandoms at a music show? Answer Me 2019-check.
Random ahjummas getting way to handsy with you? Hey! Don’t touch my belly-check.
Dropping money at a claw machine? Ching-ching-check!
Dodging last nights street vomit? Ughhhhh-check.
Become a walking ppl for beauty shops? Holika-Holika-check!
Eating copious amounts of grilled meats? Sizzle-check!
Convenience store run in your pjs and slippers? Banana milk-check
Workout on neighborhood machines? Working on our fitness-check!
Breakfast triangle kimbap? Spicy Tuna-Check!
Choosing a food “set”? Banchan-check!
Listening to street buskers? Dream High-check!
Random U-turns? Hold on-Check!

While I’m sure there are many other things I could check off the list, as I mentioned, jetlag is very real and very much a bitch. I can’t wait to share everything with you (whether you want it or not) especially considering I’m not ready to leave this experience quite yet.

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