Jhottie of the Week: Jun Shison

Posted by Alix on March 24, 2019

Khottie of the Week

Today’s Jhottie comes from a show I watched based on a recommendation from KpopontheDL. Kimi Wa Petto is the Japanese drama version of the Korean movie You’re My Pet. She had been mentioning Kimi Wa Petto for months, if not years, and in January I finally caved and picked up the drama. 

For those of you not familiar with the story, basically, a girl gets dumped, is depressed, finds a boy who could use a place to stay and then she asks him to be her pet, they live together…fall in love…live happily ever after. Overall, this version was cute, mainly due to the male lead Jun Shison.

Jun Shison is a Japenese actor who turned 24 at the beginning of March.

Interestingly he started his career as a member of the male actors’ group D-BOYS.

Sadly I could not find any D-BOYS videos with him, if anyone comes across one please share!

He definitely has an affinity for dogs.

His lookalike costar from Kimi Wa Petto.

He likes water too.

Looks good out of the water too.

He likes to chill on his bed.

And be cozy too.

He has a broad array of looks. 

A broad array of sexy looks.

Beautiful sporty looks.

And cake too!

You can find him on Instagram @jin_shison0305.




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