Could Be Our Private Lives?

Posted by Stephanie on March 26, 2019


It’s getting closer to premiere time for the upcoming drama, Her Private Life which can only mean one thing! We’re getting goodies! This time around, we’re getting not only the usual poster and teaser but are also getting a fun, behind the scenes video… making Her Private Life less private?

Sorry. I couldn’t help myself.

I’ve been excited for this show since first reading about the premise, a career woman who is also an uber fan who runs a fan website. Hmmm… sounds familiar! And the casting of Kim Jae Wook as the cranky-swanky lead? Oooh, shiver me fangirl timbers!

First, let’s take a look a the full poster:

Awww, doesn’t it look like he’s helping her? Wouldn’t it be funny if, as the synopsis says he becomes a fan of hers, he ends up helping her out in her fandom? Hey, if you want to make a girl happy…take an interest in her interests? I could just feel his awkward embarrassment radiating off the screen. 2) Not going to lie, who doesn’t miss her hair from Secretary Kim? I loved that swoopy pony tale she had and tried to figure out how to recreate it the whole show. Yes, probably wasn’t what I should have been focusing on, but it was a sweet tail.

I love the fact that our heroine is a professional, pulled together woman, with an excellent career who happens to also be a fan. Sure, a crazy obsessed fan, but I guess the drive she brings to her work is also brought to her play? Anyway, professional, non-cinderella heroines are always welcome.

Let’s take a look at the teasers. Hers:

Dude. Her house might be a close replica of my house— if my house were one fandom that is!


Yep, him awkwardly grasping this camera is pretty much what I pictured in my mind! Love her smirk at the end.


Eh. To be honest, I didn’t love this one. Seems overly familiar. Will it stop me from checking it out though? Nope.

And finally, this drama put out a behind the scenes video!

Did you make it to the part of him patting the cat? That was so adorably awkward.

With all this, I’m still looking forward to the show! As it doesn’t begin until 4/10, I’m wondering if we’ll be gifted with any more peeks before it hits the air…

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