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Posted by Stephanie on April 2, 2019


Scrolling through the Netflix feed, trying to sort through what to watch next, I’m struck by just how many Kdramas are listed! When I first started watching (back in the day) there were none listed in the dramas you could stream and only a few, and of those few, only old, not super well-known titles that you could get on disk form. (See, back in the day when you actually had the DVD service of Netflix.) Now they have so many, new ones, old ones, ones made directly for them. The one thing I am struck by is their naming conventions. Or, in this case, the naming un-conventions. In a lot of cases, they take the most popular title, look at it, go, naaaah, and choose something else on the list, leaving us, the interested viewer going, do I know this? Did I watch this? Was I going to skip this?

Or maybe it’s just me? Maybe I don’t know them as well as I think I do. So I thought I’d take a little quiz, look at the pictures (usually, just as helpfully, not the poster from the drama itself) and see if I can figure out what the drama actually is. Let’s see how we do….


Korean Odyssey. We’re easing into this as right off the bat I know this is just a rename of the Hong Sisters drama Hwayugi. Wonder if they were trying to make this title more accessible to the non-kdrama fan?

Side note: they have God’s Quiz! I love this show! And considering I think season 5 just aired, season 1 is an older one. Good on you Netflix for not just sticking to the newest and brightest. That being said, if you could please get the latest season? None of the usual suspects have it.

Hymn of Death. Hmmmm… does not look or sound familiar. Let’s poke around inside. Hmmm….takes place during the Japanese take over. Dude. It stars Lee Jong Suk! Why do I not know this? Can you tell what it is from the description?

Nope. Still not clear. I didn’t even know Lee Jong Suk had ever done a saeguk, where have I been? Let’s see what Mydramalist says. Answer: actual title! This was a short drama for SBS and Netflix. Giving myself a pass on not knowing what this was, though I’m surprised, friend of the site Xe, never mentioned it….unless she did and then I’m doubly sunk here. (Please note, when I went back to Netflix to grab the picture, there was a different one there, if I had seen this picture, yes, of course, I would have recognized Lee Jong Suk!)


Something in the Rain: Is it me or do those look like Chanyeol’s ears? Though if they were actually Chanyeol’s ears, I would lay money I would know what this drama was. If Chanyeol is in it, I know it. Let’s check. (Please don’t be Chanyeol, please don’t be Chanyeol.) It’s not Chanyeol! Now that I read the description, I can recognize the drama. Can you?

If you guessed Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food, you would also be correct! These two titles really put off different tones to the show, don’t they?

Ooh, this is a fun game! Next? Stranger! I’m putting this one in as it’s Bae Doona and I think she’s done one kdrama (besides Kingdom) and I think the title has something to do with trees and is a thriller. Opening it up, let’s see what we’ve got.

Let’s take a look and see if it’s the drama I’m thinking of, or if she did more shows than I knew about. Wahoo, my brain has not failed me! The show is called Forest of Secrets. Which sounds spooky af, so I wonder why they didn’t go with it.

Secret Healer. I think this might be a trick question. It seems super familiar, and I wonder if it’s actually called Secret Healer. I can’t really tell from the picture. Wonder if it could be Faith? Let’s take a look inside:

Woah. I did not see this one coming! Mirror of the Witch? Perhaps I don’t remember, or maybe I didn’t get far enough along in the story (pulled out by the fact that the heroine seemed like an actual kid next to the post-military Yoon Shi Yoon) that he was a healer! Hmm. 64% match? Sounds about right. If it were actually my account and not one I was leaching off of, I’d say it should be even lower, but who am I to judge Cherry Cordial?

Part Time Idol. I’m gonna go with drama short? Someone who wants to be an idol? Yeah, drama short. I’m calling it.

Oh yeah, looking at this synopsis, looking at the little teaser, I’m sticking with my minidrama guess, but I’m going to have to go to Mydramalist to see any more information on this. BOOYEAH. 5 half-hour episodes, sometimes called Temporary Drama. As it’s a minidrama, I’m allowing myself a pass on not knowing it.

Looks at Eric looking all frowny face in this thumbnail. Wasn’t he in one where the woman had cancer? The Fantastics? He could be looking all frowny because his love interest is dying, right?

Laugh. Not only was I wrong about the show, that guy? Totally not Eric. This does it. I don’t like this game anymore. Mydramalist has this drama titled at My Love Eun Dong, which I want to say makes the show sound a little bit more familiar, but if I think really hard about it, that would be a lie. I’m pretty sure.

I know I have her this time! You can’t watch what feels like a million episodes of Running Man without knowing the face of Song Ji Hyo. Wracking my brain for the Song Ji Hyo dramas. Didn’t she do the Ex-Girlfriend one? No, wait! She did the Fierce Wife or the one that’s a remake of a movie where the husband thinks the wife is cheating and then tries to catch her? Come on Netflix, Mama needs a win!

BOOYEAH! My Wife’s Having An Affair for the win!

And with that, I’ve decided to end on my win. And with that, I should probably go watch some dramas. Hmm. Which one?

Also, how did you do? Did you know them all?



  • Reply Robin N April 3, 2019 at 12:06 pm

    Do yourself a favor and bump “Stranger (Forest of Secrets)” to the top of your ‘to view’ list. I’ve watched it 3 times now and will certainly watch it again for its taut, compelling mystery and the superb performances by Jo Seung-woo and Bae Doona. If you’d like some additional non-spoilery comments to encourage you to hit play, you can check out my review of it on my own WP site.

    • Reply Stephanie April 8, 2019 at 10:42 pm

      Thanks for the heads up! I do love Bae Doona! I will check you out as sometimes thats exactly what I need to get over that should I, shouldn’t I, hump!

  • Reply kfangurl April 3, 2019 at 8:01 pm

    The Netflix titles are so different and so confusing! I’d heard of some of the Netflix titles before this post, but I had no idea of the ones for Mirror of the Witch and This Week My Wife is having an Affair. Like there aren’t already way too many dramas to keep track of!

    • Reply Stephanie April 8, 2019 at 10:43 pm

      Right? There has to be some sort of rhyme or reason to it. The Hong Sister one, sure, but the others? Who knows!

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