Throwback (Musical) Thursday – The Wave of The Underrated

Posted by SaraG on April 4, 2019


If you’ve ever poked around any social media platform or podcast hosting site or what have you for Kpop related content, you will notice pretty quickly that there is a whole movement of folks trying to get more attention either to their favorite group who just isn’t making it to A level status or for underrated Kpop groups in general. There are just SO MANY groups out there it would be impossible for all of them to make no matter how much talent they have, how hard they work, or how hot they are. There just isn’t enough money in the world or enough hours in the day for us to love them all equally. It burns because I know that some of my absolute favorites are probably routinely on the chopping block at their agencies because they just aren’t pulling in the dollars that other groups are making.

Look at Nu’est vs. Seventeen… same label, no comparison. Seventeen was making butt tons right out of the gate and Nu’est has been struggling like crazy for any attention at all until very recently despite oodles of talent, drive, and beauty. It’s just hard out there.

Imfact are outrageously spectacular in musical ability, charisma, and ‘can do’ attitude – nobody promotes as hard as them – and yet they struggle to gain any traction whatsoever. It’s like starting over with each comeback. It kills me.

When I stumbled on the song Illusion by the group GreatGuys oh so many months ago, I genuinely thought that it was their debut track and I was so stoked to find a group doing such an interesting song and such great choreo as their first foray into the professional arena. Just imagine my surprise when I popped the name into Google only to discover they had debuted in April of 2017 – over a year prior to this stunner. I was floored that I’d not heard of them before. Granted, it’s not like they’ve released a ton in the last year and their label, DNA, is pretty small, but I pride myself in at least checking out most of the stuff that comes out even if it’s to dismiss it as ‘not my thing.’ I’d never even heard of them.

And now, six months after this fantastic dance track was released, they are STILL NOT GETTING ATTENTION. They are the very definition of underrated. Please, please give them a bit of a peek, even if it’s just to watch the video and dismiss it as not your thing…it has fewer than 200,000 views at this point so even your single view will make a pretty significant difference. And that’s what we’re here to do, right? Make a difference? Send out our love particles to bolster the careers of these talented artists half a world away?  


Illusion, GreatGuys

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