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Posted by Stephanie on April 9, 2019


While I go out and binge this new Netflix drama!
Have you been watching this show, Possessed on Netflix? We were JUST talking about Netflix shows, how could you not tell me this show was a thing? Did you want to keep it to yourselves? Meanies. I mean sure, who knew this drama about a detective and a clairvoyant would catch my eye? Who knew I’d actually want to watch something that was ‘currently airing’? To that, I say…good point. But you should have.

I saw some rumblings around about this new show on Netflix, and I became intrigued enough to scroll over to try and find out what people were talking about.


A reluctant clairvoyant joins forces with a brusque police detective hiding a soft heart to help him solve criminal cases using her unique abilities.

Which, eh, wasn’t really enough to catch my eye, but the trailer that automatically starts any time you even slightly pause over a selection?

Yup. I’m in.

Though now I see it’s season one, and it is, though a Netflix show, being released episode by episode. All that being said? I don’t care. I think I’m literally going to put down my computer as soon as I’m done writing this post, curl up in bed, and start episode one. This thing looks scary and fun. It reminds me of a Japanese show I watched a while back, which had the same sort of tone and creepy ghost premise. I wish I remember what it was called, but she could see ghosts, and if they were holding hands, he could hear them? Or it was the other way around? Yeah, I think I remember her always wearing headphones, so I’m going to go with her being able to hear them. The pair kept meeting at a coffee shop and always grabbed for the same piece of bread? I want to say he was a mortician? But that might be off. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Gah! I used to be so good at remembering this stuff! If you know what the drama is, let me know, because this is going to bother me.

…..I may have taken a giant tangent to the left.

I know I say I don’t like multiple seasons, but who am I kidding? God’s Quiz? I watched season after season after season of that crap only to stop when the powers that be (or the powers that bring it to the states subbed) decided not to carry it anymore. I’m also the same person who has been eagerly awaiting season three of Kim’s Convenience. (Which unlucky for Kim’s Convenience as it was just shoved aside for this show, just came out last week.) Perhaps I am a multiple season girl? Perhaps I like getting connected to characters? Perhaps settling into a story is not a terrible thing?

Of course, I’m also the girl who had a slightly major freakout on, a friend of the site, Ms. Xe when she found out that they had made a little miniseries continuing the story of Lovesick because “they were going to mess up the story.” (More on that in another post, I’m sure.) What can I say, I’m a lady with a lot of layers, whoever knows where the whim to watch will strike.

Now, after this bizarre and rambling post, I ask, who is watching this show and are you liking it?

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  • Reply Robin N April 10, 2019 at 12:55 am

    Don’t get all hung up on the ‘season one’ thing – they do this for all series on Netflix. I haven’t heard anything about this one being up for a season two (though I really do like these 2 actors together – they were a great pair in “My Ahjusshi”).

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