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Posted by Stephanie on April 10, 2019


I know I say a lot. Kind of my job. My main issue I have is with follow through. Ooh this show looks good, I’m gonna watch it, that show looks good, I can’t wait to see it, this post seems fun…I’m gonna write it. And yet….

So color me shocked and amazed when, as I excitedly sputtered about the new Netflix show, Possessed, I actually got right off my computer, went to bed and curled up around my tablet to watch the first episode. Proof!

I wish I hadn’t.

I wish I hadn’t.

Why, you ask? GAH! You know what is fantastic right before bed? A show about murder and serial killers with liberal use of blood and ax-wielding. No lie, it gave me nightmares. The new rule? No horror before bed.

That being said? Not only did I start the show last night, but I picked it right back up this morning to finish out the episode on the commute to work. On top of that, podcasting has to happen after I’m writing this post; otherwise, I’d curl up back in bed again to keep going. (Already choosing to forget our newly minted rule because who needs a peaceful, full nights sleep? Weenies, that’s who!)

From the teaser, we saw yesterday — (a reminder for those who did not see yesterday’s post)

I expected the show to be funny with light horror moments. What I did NOT expect was the whole beginning sequence with the serial killer and the ax and the blood. Or the next part with the hanging. Or the next part with the other dead guy. I thought for sure the third dead guy was going to be a leading player in the show — if this were going to be a regular kdrama he would have been. He’d be the damaged protagonist, out to get revenge. (Of course, if that were the case he’d also be slightly younger and cuter.) With all this in mind, the show seems to be more horror and eerie based tones with comedic moments.

Although I’ve consumed only one episode — so what do I know?

This show is surprising enough to say, yeah, I do not know what’s going on. The heroine, (when did this actress become a leading lady?) seems so cool, both in attitude and aloofness. When she said to the detective “You’re not afraid of me?” and when the thrift store lady caved and gave her the shirt for cheap, you’re given to believe that she’s not accepted — that there is something different about her. It makes me want to know more. When she gets to her house, and she closes screen with all of the talismans on it, chasing the ghosts away from her home? Let me in, I want to know what’s going on!

Our detective, I’m not sure I’m getting a number on him. The way the show is leading, he seems like a good guy (warning the old lady selling produce on the sidewalk that the cops were coming for the street vendors) but a bit of a sad sack (how he’s not really good at his job, him swapping out the hot coffee at the convenience store, day drinking). I’ve seen this sort of detective/lead before, however, her idea that he might be clairvoyant too? Seems like it might be an exciting direction.

The show is cute, it’s funny, it’s nail-bitingly terrifying, and turns out? This show is totally up my alley, and I can’t wait to see more! Luckily, though today is a podcast recording day? It is not my week to edit, which means my evenings? Free! Plus with the whole polar vortex thing that’s about to hit Denver? Perhaps I’ll score a snow day. Of course, maybe I will also lose power and not be able to watch for days, so maybe I want to be careful what I wish for?

In conclusion, go out and watch this show if you haven’t! And if you have? Let me know what you think!

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