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Posted by Stephanie on April 17, 2019

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We hardly recognize you! And you! And…hey, who are you?? In other words, 2Moons season two is finally upon us.

Do you remember this show? It’s been a while now since it’s popped into mind as the original is now a couple of years old. Or. It’s been a while for you guys as I just rewatched this sucker over the Christmas holiday before being sucked into Love By Chance.

As this is a show which is based on a three book series and season one heavily teased the upcoming storylines (come on, six guys, three couples, the engineering department of a college? It’s like the stories wrote themselves! Plus, as 2Moons had the distinction of being one of the better BL dramas in writing, product, and acting, plus with the considerable lure of the increasingly popular BL genre, everyone was clamoring for season two (and heck, season 3).

So what happened?

Goodness if I know. It’s one of those things, these shows tease multiple seasons, some of them even having the gall to end on cliffhangers, only to leave us hanging there, on the edge of said cliff, by our fingernails. One tends not to put much stock in the follow through of the BL production teams. Heroin? What was with that ending? You’re going to try and tell me after all that some dumb girl is going to come between them? Like Love? At least this show made it to season two before going off the deep end and landing us with that wretched ending. (Way to ruin it guys.) Lovesick? ….well, there are exceptions to every rule, Lovesick was lovely and perfect, and I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise.

Or I will after I schedule a rewatch, it’s been a while.

At least we know what happened with Heroin and Like Love — the Chinese government said ixnay on the BL-ay. The production teams had to shut down all hopes and dreams of continued, completed stories. But Thailand? The export of BL dramas is becoming milk and butter. Have you seen the fan meets they have for these shows? Cray-zy.

So. Again. What happened with 2Moons? Well, word on the BL Drama Street (ooooh, that’s a fun street), it was the actors. Or the story was first the actors, that some of them didn’t want to continue on with the series. To which I say….ummmm hey fellas, did you not get the source material at the start? You all knew what this was when you signed on. There should be some sort of clause which said you sign on for one you sign on for them all. Those same rumors said it was one of the main couples that were the issue. To which I say, cool, even better, their story is done, it’s wrapped up in a pretty, neat little bow. Good thing you have two other storylines with two other couples just waiting their turn.


And we waited again. Then I heard it wasn’t so much the actors, but it was the agency the actors came from. (The idea being they signed them all up from one house.) That there was some sort of falling out between the production team and the agency and someone flipped the hypothetical table (oooh even better the real table) walked away and said: “I’m never working with you again, Butt-hole!”. This idea has been backed up by the newest information on the street. Season two is here! Season two is not only here, but it’s due to start airing in May! With a real date.


They’ve replaced every single actor! Nooooooo…… I wanted to see the KitKat storyline with our original Kit! He was (batting eyelashes) soooooo dreamy! And I thought he just super nailed the part. I have a tough time thinking of someone else as Kit. But then again? I’ve been wrong before?

Remember in Lovesick when for season 2 they recast Ohm? And everyone was all, why would you replace Ohm? Original Ohm for life! Then you realized that the new guy was an even better Original Ohm? Not only was he a fun presence, who was a good match for N’oh, he actually looked a lot like how I pictured him from reading the book. Yay New Ohm! New Ohm For Life!

It’s weird to think of them replacing the entire cast though. Let’s take a look at our new team:

Hmmmmm… It might be because I get territorial. Or because I’m a creature of habit, but I think I’m going to miss team Old 2Moons. Although New Ming seems cute and cocky enough to be our Ming. New Kit is cute but #NotMyKit. New Forth is super cute, so that’s a plus. Beam? Beam wasn’t around enough in the original I think for me to have an opinion one way or the other, so I’m open to New Beam…for now. And, as I said? The other two have had their chance, so long as they are not going to be messing with their relationship at all, then I guess they can cast whoever they like in the role.

Not going to lie though, I’m looking forward to this. Or. I’m looking forward but am also super nervous about this. I want to watch as I really enjoyed the first one, but I’m worried they are going to mess with what I liked about it. What if the production teams pulls a Like Love and take a perfectly passable ending, slap on a season two with a promise for season three, with a terrible twist ending, only to leave you forever in limbo, struggling to tell yourself it doesn’t matter, pretending you didn’t see those last few minutes of the show? Do we really want to take that chance?

I guess though, all this doesn’t matter, new casting, old concerns, etc. If they’re going to put out a season two, I’m going to watch it.

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